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Here at Austin-Lehman we try our best to provide as many WOW moments as possible and today was full of them! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Tuscany proved me wrong. We drove south from Siena to Sinalunga in the region of Le Crete and started our ride on top of a gorgeous hill.

Our guests and guide just outside Sinalunga

Our guests and guide just outside Sinalunga

Guest biker

We rode about 5 miles north to Asciano, there we stopped at the Museo Civico Archeologico e d’Arte Sacra Palazzo Corboli. The museum holds archeological finds dating from the antiquity and art works from the thirteenth to the eighteenth centuries originating in the area around Asciano. The museum contains the wooden Crucifix by Giovanni Pisano, they also have an archeological section that documents the Etruscan population of the upper Ombrone valley. After the museum we stopped at a little café for some cappuccino and gelato, our group had no problems making time for gelato. But that is what traveling is all about, taking the time to enjoy the little things!

Gelato stop in Asciano

Gelato stop in Asciano

Next we rode to Chiusure and had lunch at Licia Gorelli, which is real deal for Italian food! Mama Licia grows her tomatoes herself and they are the best! They spoiled us with two massive plates of pasta, some prosciutto with cheese and even some wine. They also had extra virgin olive oil that they made themselves, it was delicious!

Mama Licia's pasta
Mama Licia’s pasta

Jim and his long lost Italian brother

Jim and his long lost Italian brother

Our guide and Licia

Our guide and Licia

After a long lunch we got back on the bikes and headed to Siena. Even after everyone had big and long lunch, I still got passed by our guest on the e-bikes and I didn’t even drink any wine! Its amazing how the new e-bikes level the playing field, I had guest that were more then twice my age pass me on the hills all the time. Its remarkable how great these new e-bikes work, there not motorized by any means. They just provide extra help when you need it, with an assist level of 1-4. You choose how much help you need at the click of a button. I personally think that they are going to change how people commute and think about biking and this is coming from someone who has raced BMX and mountain bikes.

Diamant electric bikes with Trek Ride+™ technology
Diamant electric bikes with Trek Ride+™ technology

We ended our ride a little short today and took the van back to Siena. But not before our guide stopped at the top of a hill right before Siena, giving us one of the best views of the trip.

End of another great day in Italy
End of another great day in Italy

Jon Italy

Today can only be described as epic! The whole day was full of views, rolling green hills, we had the roads all to ourselves and the Tuscan villa’s where spread out all over the countryside. My cheeks were sore today from smiling so much, I have a smile on my face just thinking about today. But all good days come to an end, we were just lucky enough to end our day dinning at a ristorante & pizzeria and sleeping in a fancy hotel in Siena.

A più tardi! (see you later)


Tomorrow were biking to San Gimignano, check back here for more stories and photos!

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