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By austinbbw /


Mouthwatering cuisine, stunning golden-green vineyards and rolling hills surround you in the lovely and vibrant Tuscany, Italy.

A European Vacation perfect for the traveler looking for a vivacious city and old-fashioned charm, Tuscany is a location that can’t be beat. Globally admired for its natural beauty, quaint streets and delicious wines, it is considered to be the true origin of the Italian Renaissance. Austin Lehman Adventures offers matchless adventure trips to this stunning location.

Tuscany has something for everyone. Shoppers can spend time perusing along cobblestone streets and through open-air markets. Art lovers will appreciate the architectural masterpieces that adorn the region. For travelers looking for something as deliciously appetizing as the exemplary vineyards, extra-virgin olive oil is a must taste.

The country of Italy is not to be missed. Its vitality and sophistication are unparalleled. Spend the day biking through the rolling hills of Chianti Classico and soaking up the warm rays of the sun. Then unwind with a glass of crisp, delightful wine in your comfortable hotel room with an unrivaled view of the Tuscan countryside.

Austin Lehman is your go-to adventure travel company if you’re looking to go to a magical place. Call us today to schedule your family adventure vacation.


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