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By Dan Austin /

Black Rhino

Just thought this was a “cool share”…

We tracked this endangered Black Rhino with a team from the World Wildlife Foundation and the Save the Rhino Trust…. A great way to get your heart going at sunrise…..  this is a free range Black Rhino,  once we found him (from a distance) we worked with the Save the Rhino folks to document his size and details. They record and track hundreds of Rhinos,  Namibia is the only place on the planet where this beast is thriving. They don’t release numbers (fear of poaching) but they hope to be in the 2000 range by 2030.  The horns can be worth over 100,000 US….   They (Namibia) are actually exporting Rhinos back onto public land, it is estimated that upwards of 2 Black Rhino are killed a day in South Africa (numbers are slowing due to scarcity of the animal).. its been two years since one has been killed in Namibia.  This is a direct benefit of the good work the Conservancies are doing, empowering the locals to protect wildlife to enhance tourism.

Just think this is pretty dang cool….  And in case you are wondering, yes the rumors are true and Black (compared to white) Rhinos are deadly and very aggressive…

Dan Austin

Dan Austin

Written by: Dan Austin

Born and bred into the outdoor life in California, Dan Austin is the Founder and President of Austin Adventures.

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