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By Dan Austin /

I could really get used to waking up by the ocean (not really practical living in Montana).

We left at dawn to shuttle south to Walvis Bay where we met up with Jeannie our kayak guide. On the water early to beat any potential mid day winds was fine with us.

As we drove to our launch site, we just knew we were on track for a great day.  The sun was making what we understand to be a rare appearance along the coast.  We passed lots of birds (all of which Jeannie would tell is all about and the occasional jackal.

As we got closer to our “put in” we started seeing huge seal colonies.  Jeannie assured us, no need to stop for pictures now as we would get right in the middle of them by water.  Since they have no known predators in these parts approaching be sea, it was easy to understand the logic of being able to get close.

What we didn’t realize as we paddled up was that to the hundreds of young seal pups, we were a great source of curiosity and amusement.   We quickly found ourselves surround by thousands of playful seals.  They acted like any “pup” and would follow us and “chew” on anything placed in the water.  Including my hand and Andy’s GO-Pro camera (Andy should have some great shots)

We literally paddled and played with the seals for hours.  When paddling hard they would take it as a challenge and race the kayak.  When you stopped, they would surround the kayak and bark for attention.  Occasionally one would get comfortable enough for a “belly rub”. Yes, they sure reminded us of canine pups, just in mass quantity.

Reluctantly we paddled back to the jeep and headed back to town.

Another “treat” for a Montanan is a beach side grill, today was just going to be a dang good day!!

This PM was again free (something we are not used too) and we took advantage of the time to clean camera gear and just “chill” on the beach.

Today was a good day, experiencing this with my son has made it one of my favorite family adventure vacations I have done so far.

Dan Austin

Dan Austin

Written by: Dan Austin

Born and bred into the outdoor life in California, Dan Austin is the Founder and President of Austin Adventures.

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