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By austinbbw /

Germany’s Romantic Road, the trade route of the medieval era, still retains its original old world splendor. This unique European vacation combines romance, history, adventure and sightseeing all in one single trip.

The magnificent castles, medieval towns with city walls and picturesque scenery, unspoiled nature, half- timbered houses are all extremely attractive for travelers visiting the area. Week long cycling tours from Nordlingen to Wertheim on this middle ages trade route will seem too short once you are there.

Medieval town hopping across the fabled route is an experience full of surprises. Plan it with your partner or take a trip with your entire family. Our adventure vacation packages offer something for everyone. Pedal alongside enchanting vineyards, rolling hills and clear waters en route to the Bavarian Alps. Once you reach there, take a guided tour of the lavish interiors and modern technologies of the fairy tale like Neuschwanstein castle.

Biking to the vibrant village of Rothenberg located on a cliff side will leave you breathless with enchanting scenery, and then visit the fascinating criminal museum collection. Stroll through the impressive gardens and intriguing art of the village with ancient castles that have been converted into hotels. Enjoy the wonderful weather and shade of trees while biking along the Tauber River. Spend a sinful evening sipping local wine or home brewed beer. And you must indulge in a mouthwatering dinner of potato dumplings and apple pancakes just once while there.

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