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By Guest Bloggers /

ALA Adventure Team

Something we really pride ourselves on here at Austin-Lehman is working as a team. Whether it’s in the office or in the field, working as a team is essential to our success. In the spirit of this we decided to make an adventure team for some upcoming adventure races here in Montana. Our team consisted of Kasey Austin, Ryan Morrissey and myself. First we took on the Grizzy Peak adventure race, a 2 mile ski, 6 mile bike and a 2.5 mile run. We were all in the top 10 in our divisions and it was a great race. As you can see below we got a little dirty on the biking section.

Race #2 and to help celebrate Earth Day this past weekend we competed in the Peaks to Prairie triathlon. The race consisted of a 9 mile run which Kasey did, a 50 mile bike ride by Ryan and a 23 mile Kayak by myself.

There’s always that point during a race when you are pushing as hard as you can, you don’t think there is an end, you’re tired, dehydrated and sometimes you think “what am I doing?” But then when you cross the finish line and you see your teammates there with big smiles on your face you can’t help to think how worth it was! Also it’s not too bad when you see the results and your team gets 3rd place in your division.

Like most great things in life, you need to work for it. A saying I’ve heard that I really like is “conquerors of the useless”, it really doesn’t matter how many hiking vacations or cycling tours you do, its what you take from them that matters.

That’s why I love working with this amazing team here at Austin-Lehman, in the office, in the field or in a race. I know we all working together to to help share these amazing opportunities to be “conquerors of the useless” and help make memories that will last a life time.

What will you conqueror? Leave a comment at let us know what you get from adventure vacations!


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