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By Christy Hamill /

As I was putting on my hand lotion today the smell of lavender took me back to my San Juan Islands adventure vacation in August.  After our group enjoyed an amazing picnic lunch created by our guides Blair and Toby at South Beach. Which by the way, South Beach is located in American Camp that was developed during the Pig War back in 1859 between the United States and Great Britain over a pig crossing the country boundary line and meeting its demise.  The war created the English Camp to the North and the American Camp to the South.  The two camps now make up the San Juan Island National Historical Park.

But I digress, after lunch the group jumped on their bikes and headed to the Pelindaba Lavender Farm.  You can smell the lavender before you see it as you have to crest a small hill.  Once you reach the top you see this stunning farm with rows and rows of different kinds of lavender.  I thought lavender came in one variety but I was quickly proved wrong.

At the farm you are allowed to spend as much time as you wish walking up and down the rows of lavender, cut your own bouquet or visit the gift shop where you can purchase items that are made from the lavender.

The San Juan Islands are an archipelago (a chain or cluster of islands) located in the northwest corner of the United States and are part of the state of Washington.  In the archipelago, six islands are accessible by passenger ferry operated by the Washington State Ferries system.

On our San Juan Adventure, we visit the 2 largest islands, San Juan and Orcas, over a 5 night 6 day trip which is a hiking vacation, cycling tours, kayaking trip, photograph adventure and a cruise to hopefully see Orca whales, sea lions, eagles and other wildlife, all in one!

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