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By austinbbw /

African Elephant - Austin-Lehman Adventures

High up on many traveler bucket lists is a visit to the African continent.  Africa is synonymous with safari adventures.  One of the best places to experience safari adventure vacations would be in Namibia. This country covers 824,000 square kilometers of land with amazing flora and fauna.  Adventure vacations for couples will find you in a 4X4 vehicle for an exhilarating ride to meet the black rhino.  The rugged landscape is also home to different animals in their natural habitat. Be amazed at the abundance of wildlife.  Nature lovers will be captivated by the regal beauty of the big cats like the lions, leopards and cheetahs.  

After an adrenaline pumping day in the wild, everyone can relax at a desert oasis.  Take a dip in the swimming pool under shady palms to fend off the desert heat. Soak in the breathtaking view at Mowani while spotting desert elephants.  Be in awe of the Bushmen engravings in the historical site of Twyfelfontein.

Continue with our family adventure vacations on safari at the wildlife sanctuary of Etosha National Park. Witness herds of animals like zebras, wildebeests, springboks gather around water holes.   It is a great place to observe wildlife in their natural habitat. End your adventure with a close encounter with cheetahs and leopards that are part of the conservation efforts of the AfriCat Foundation.

Namibia is one of Austin Lehman’s destinations in Africa.  Check out our adventure vacation packages and experience a trip of a lifetime.

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