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The Coolest Thing to do in Denmark

Are you a fan of classical music? Here is a suggestion for you: download any requiem version on your ipod or mp3 ...

Travel Resources
South Kruger's wildlife poses for travelers

Located in the northeast part of South Africa, Kruger National Park prides itself on being one of the largest game reserves in ...

Travel Resources
Goals of Traveling

While on a flight from Miami to Ecuador I was pondering why I love to travel so much and what my goals ...

Travel Resources
Whimsical Wonders of Hiking in Yellowstone Park

Yellowstone National Park may be the closest most people ever get to another planet! Its a place where the ground is alive, ...

Travel Resources
The Ultimate Road Trip!

Several years ago, my friends and I were on a quest to discover a new land for us to have the ultimate ...

Travel Resources
Saying Goodbye to Namibia

 The last day in the field was a bit uneventful by Namibia standards, but still epic none the less.The morning ...

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