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2021 Women Only Adventures

Your women’s only adventure awaits! Led by the best in the business. Our popular women’s-only adventures are a great way to meet new friends and explore the outdoors. Join our very own Carol and company President Kasey Austin who are not only leaders but superwomen with adventurous souls. Under Kasey’s direction and influence the company now boasts a professional team of tour guides that numbers in excess of 60 percent women. Having female guides who do it all — serve as naturalists, drivers, companions, mechanics, chefs, storytellers, logistical gurus, and confidantes — is one of the key ways Austin Adventures motivates the women who join them for these unique trips to tap into their own strength and courage. A fun new women’s adventure and supportive camaraderie await.

Peru | Machu Picchu 12/4/2021 - 12/9/2021

Join Carol Austin on this women-only adventure in Peru. From the rapids of the Urubamba to the mystical mountains of Machu Picchu, the Land of the Inca begs to be explored. Visit the historic center of Lima, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and its various
colonial style buildings. Walk around Incan ruins thousands of years old as you try to solve the mysteries of this lost civilization’s expert craftsmanship. Visit and bargain with the locals at the colorful street markets as you practice your Español. View the expansive Machu Picchu site from perhaps the most famous entrance, the “Sun Gate.” Learn how salt is made as you gaze at the beautiful evaporating salt pools in Maras. Discover your inner adventurer as you mountain bike on trails to ancient Incan sites. Sip on a Pisco Sour as you reminisce over your adventures of the day with your new traveling friends.

Iceland | Best of the Southern Coast - 10/9/2021 -10/18/2021

Join Kasey and Carol on this woman only adventure to Iceland! Venture to one of today’s hottest travel destinations: Iceland! The Land of Fire and Ice is home to some 30 active volcanoes, steaming hot springs, and gushing geysers, just to name a few of its natural attractions. Explore the Golden Circle by foot, hike a geothermal soaking spot, trek the mountainous Highlands and strap on your crampons for a glacier walk! Come discover the rich and vibrant culture of this fascinating destination and find out why it’s worth it to check Iceland off of your travel bucket list!

Baja | Swimming With Whale Sharks 12/4/2021 - 12/9/2021

Join Carol Austin on this trip of a lifetime swimming with the Whale Sharks! This beautiful destination is highlighted by the Las Animas Ecolodge, a self-sustaining, solar-powered retreat consisting of eight well-appointed beachside yurts, but it has another attraction—Baja is one of four places in the world where Whale Sharks annually congregate to feed on algae, plankton, and krill. Experience the thrill of swimming alongside these gentle giants in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez! Explore isolated islands and coves as you snorkel in search for Baja’s native species, including fin and blue whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and manta rays. Take advantage of some world-class sea kayaking or simply relax in a hammock on the beach.


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