Multisport Adult Adventures

“This trip was fantastic in all respects – spectacular scenery and wildlife viewing combined with first rate hotels and excellent food. The thing that made my trip most memorable, however, was our two guides, whose enthusiasm, knowledge and great attitudes made the experience totally unique.”
~ Dawn Stoner, Alaska Adventure

“Excellent – first time with your company. Very good trip. Hotels were excellent and guides were exceptional. Stuart has taken numerous trips with a similar company and found this better.”
~ Patti Banks and Stuart Schendorf, Canadian Rockies

“Great! Trip was perfect from beginning to end. You have succeeded in replicating the wonderful experience I had on my first trip with you in 1999.”
~ Susanne Martinez, Alaska

“The ability to take a crowded venue like Yosemite and provide such a serene experience was remarkable. You are to be commended for your thoughtful planning and “attention to detail.” We loved it.”
~ Randy Podolsky, Yosemite

“The trip exceeded my expectations, which were quite high due to the Backcountry experience we had in 1999. Our guides, Karen and Dave, were superb; the scenery defied description; the meals and snacks were wonderful. The trip felt ‘luxurious’ without the chandeliers and dress requirements. The level of service provided by our guides, the forethought that so obviously went into every aspect of the trip, and the wonderful camaraderie of our group gave ‘luxury’ a new definition. My son and I cannot wait to sign up for an adventure next summer.”
~ Cathie Schaffer, Alaska

“Our family of 4 had a wonderful time. Our boys are 16 and 13 and there was enough activity for them and we could still keep up with them. Our guides made the trip relaxing and enjoyable. It was a great time for our family to relax and enjoy each other. We came away with a sense of accomplishment and joy.”
~ Jill Louv, Canadian Rockies

“Excellent – I’ve never felt so pampered in all my life. The level of activity was good – not too strenuous but not too easy. The scenery was gorgeous and the accommodations were superb. It was definitely the trip of a lifetime.”
~ Sandy Nieweg, Grand Canyon

Custom and Family Programs

“The trip was great fun, families (both adult and children) will love the activities and outdoors. A great way to make new friends and reacquaint ourselves with old ones. We loved last year’s group so much we all got together for this one.”
~ Stephanie Adler, Custom Event

“My feedback to you with respect to our family trip of 12 is very simple – It was so awesome that it’s almost impossible to top. Every single aspect was perfect. What a team Buzz, Jazz and Sheila make, dealing with 5 kids, 5 “big” kids and the matriarch and patriarch, all of who have about 50 opinions on any given subject. They are a great group of young people. Keep them a part of your team as long as you possibly can – They’re irreplaceable. Thanks to Sheila, Jazz & Buzz and thanks to the Austin Adventures organization.”
~ Bob Puritz, Custom Event

“You did great. This was our first family adventure vacation and we are looking forward to doing more. The guides were awesome, the scenery was magnificent and the other families were a lot of fun.”
~ Betsy and David Harris, Montana Family Vacation

“Lots of service companies talk about exceeding customer expectations, but Austin Adventures is a rare example of a company that actually does exceed expectations. When I am asked what was the best part of the trip, I say, ‘Going with Austin Adventures.'”
~ Weldman Family, Yellowstone Family Trip

“A belated but HUGE thank you for the first ever booking I did with your company. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brown and their son, Trevor, booked at the last minute on your Yellowstone family tour earlier this month. I was a bit concerned because Trevor was 16 and the rest of the children on the tour were 12 and younger. You reassured me he’d probably end up spending time with the guides and all would be well. How right you were!

I spoke to Kathy Brown last week and she just raved about what a wonderful experience they had. Trevor had a ball. She and Gary said they never would have seen half of what they saw if they had tried to do this trip on their own.

I really wanted you to know that I am so impressed with Austin Adventures. I have told several other travel agents about the wonderful service and excellent experience your company offered my clients. Please know that I definitely plan to offer Austin Adventures trips to my clients in future.

Thank you. It was a pleasure working with all of you!”
~ Cheryl Maynard,TraveLink Services

Travel Writers

“A great ‘hurrah for Austin Adventures’ should be audible throughout the land…The best part of all is that you run a world-class trip…It exceeded my expectations at every turn.”
~ Helen Nodland, Adventure & Exotic Travel

“I just experienced the best family vacation of my life…Regular readers of this column know I’m not a gusher, and my family-travel standards are high. That said, I’m ready to call Austin Adventures and set up next year’s family vacation.”
~ Jackie Runice, Tribune Media Services

“The best tour operators – and Austin Adventures is one of the best – are able to create trips that perfectly meld fun and learning, family time and time with peers…Austin Adventures succeeds 100 percent.”
~ Christine Loomis, Fodor’s 2002 Family Adventure Guide

“Funny, how small touches can add so much to a trip. Every night, when we entered our hotel room, we’d find a surprise: a gift bag with toys and conveniences such as lip-balm; local-specialty candies; and on the last night, a photo album of pictures from our trip. After a dusty horse-ride, cool moist face-towels were handed to us. After a long hike culminating at the awesome Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, out of nowhere popped one of our guides with a giant silvery platter of tropical fruit, including a huge pineapple. Bon appetit, in the great outdoors.”
~ Teresa Plowright, Family Travel Expert

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