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NAM FAM CollageWEB - Purpose of Namibia Tourism Exchange

Austin Adventures and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) will be hosting a cross-cultural “no borders” exchange between US-based land owners, Native American tribal leaders, government representatives and park conservationists and their counterparts from Namibia. The tour starts this September in Montana to share ideas on how tourism fits into their respective ideologies and onto their lands. Because of the sheer volume of Namibia’s tourism joint ventures, Dan Austin, AA’s founder and owner, says “Namibia offers a true education into how private and public sectors collaborate with host communities.”


1) To enable twelve (14) Namibian tourism industry representatives, including four conservancy reps, to learn about adventure tourism as offered by an established adventure tour operator in the western U.S.

2) To facilitate participant learning about how an adventure operator approaches issues such as client safety, security and liability in the conduct of an adventure tour in the U.S.

3) To provide exposure to the guiding practices and interpretation techniques that comprise a significant part of the visitor experience while on an adventure travel tour.

4) To learn from the largest U.S. national park concessionaire how they manage their environmental footprint, including management of such issues as water, sewage, solid waste, energy, landscaping, etc.

5) To enable opportunity for cross-cultural exchange and the sharing of tourism experiences between the Namibian participants and Native American tribal leaders, who have a mixed experience with tourism, including the establishment and operation of indigenous tourism enterprises.

6) To meet and discuss with elected officials of the state of Montana in relation to the process of establishing and managing a dedicated fund to support tourism small and medium enterprises in the state, including among Indian tribes.

7) American Football! The participants have been invited by Montana State University to be guests at a home game in Bozeman on Saturday, September 15, 2012.

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