Namibian Conservancy Tourism Exchange

The Wuparo Conservancy first BEC

When Dan Austin of Austin Adventures (AA) and Keith Sproule of World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) first talked of bringing a delegation of conservancy and tourism leaders to Montana this fall, they knew it would be great, but they just didn’t know how great.

Dan and AA are also key players in the non-profit bikes for Africa program, Wheels of Change (WOC). When Dan shared with Keith his efforts and connections in Namibia along with his relationship with Michael Linke at the Bicycle Empowerment Network, yet another idea was born. How about working together to establish a Bicycle Empowerment Center (BEC) in one of the conservancies traveling to Montana with AA and WWF?

The newest BEC will be established at the Wuparo Conservancy in the Caprivi Region of Namibia. The effort will be a project made possible by the coordinated efforts of AA, BEN, WOC, WWF and Catholic Social Services, and many more groups and organizations.

The manager of the Wuparo Conservancy will be presented with the first container of bikes while in Billings, Montana on the upcoming “No Borders Tour.” The container will ship to Walvis Bay and on to Caprivi soon after the Montana trip. Hopefully, it will be open for business by Christmas.

But wait, there’s more! Nkasa Lupala, working with BEN, AA and WOC and working out of the Nsheshe Craft Center in Wuparo, will establish a “village bike tour” to utilize some of the bikes to invite guests to join a guide in a cycle tour of the nearby village.

Much more to come so stay tuned…

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