Bill’s choice for the best UNESCO sites.

1. Mont-Saint-Michel, France: My Favorite spot on earth!

2. Notre Dame Cathedral, Reims, France: If I have to pick one church, this is it!

3. Acropolis, Athens, Greece: For its sheer beauty.

4. Galapagos Islands: My number one favorite nature spot.

5. Old Havana, Cuba: Beautiful, we have been away from it too long. Great that travel is opening up for Americans in Cuba!

6. Old City of Dubrovnik, Croatia: The City of Dubrovnik has a long wonderful history”¦ from its status as a City-State that rivaled Venice’s power in the middle ages to the important role it plays in modern Croatia, you will love its history and beauty.

7. Petra, Jordan: Ever since the third Indiana Jones film, I have had this on my list of palces to see.

8. City of Cuzco, Peru: Cuzco is underrated!What a fantastic city!

9. Lines of Nasca and Pampas de Juma, Peru: Where did these come from??

10. Auschwitz, Poland: It’s important that we never forget the horrors that took place here.

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