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Europe | Beyond The Bike

Europe Webinar

Dan Austin and European Ops Director, Ron van Dijk, host this webinar exploring our new European multisport adventures. Register here!

To celebrate 20 years in the adventure travel business, Dan and Carol Austin are kicking off a new President’s Trips program!

One of the benefits to traveling in small groups, is getting to know your travel partners. With these industry veterans tagging along, you know there will be some fun story swapping.

This year, Dan and Carol invite you to join them on an Alaska Multisport Adventure, one of Dan’s first itineraries, created while he was a resident of the Land of the Midnight Sun. The travel couple is then headed overseas to explore on a cruise throughout the Venetian Passageways with our sister company, Windstar Cruises.

This amazing voyage travels from Athens to Venice and all sorts of fun places in between. From scenic, historic destinations to the luxury experience aboard the Star Pride, this trip will delight.

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