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Jimmy Tosso in Costa Rica guide
Jimmy has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Latin America; he has visited Spain, England, Italy, France, Holland, Turkey, Germany, Greece, Mexico, and Panama. This has helped him acquire a very good understanding of other cultures which he has been able to apply as a tour guide. Jimmy admits that Italy was his favorite destination which he first visited over 12 years ago, when he first discovered his talent for Italian cooking. Jimmy is fluent in English, Italian and French.

He obtained his guide license 18 years ago from the National Institute of Learning. With an exceptional sense of humor, he excels in sharing his knowledge on Costa Rican culture and nature in a refined and unique manner. Jimmy has lead groups of all different nationalities, making him an expert in the Costa Rican guiding field.

Jimmy’s extensive travel throughout Europe and Latin America, have helped him to acquire a strong understanding of other cultures. Besides being fluent in English, Italian, and French, he is also fluent in his native Spanish. Jimmy is a perfectionist and always “two steps” ahead during his travels with guests. He has an exceptional sense of humor and an excellent and cultured manner of explaining interesting information to his guests. He has led guests of many different nationalities and is truly one of the top Costa Rican tour leaders. Guests traveling with Jimmy have often stated that their tours with him end too soon!

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