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Guide Biography:

Laurie lives in Red Lodge, MT where she pursues her passions of hiking, biking, backpacking, skiing, climbing, and teaching West African drumming. She enjoys travel and has journeyed throughout North America, the Caribbean, Europe, Nepal, Thailand and New Zealand. Laurie lived in Switzerland and France where she taught skiing, kayaking, and sailing. Her years living in Glacier Park allowed her to summit over 50 mountains. When she is not outdoors or traveling, she is providing speech-language therapy for children.

Laurie's Guide Survey:

Laurie Barnard setting up lunchWhat's your favorite vacation destination?
My favorite destination is Glacier National Park because it has such stunning mountain views, lots of wildlife (my favorite are the mountain goats), spectacular wildflowers, and gorgeous lakes. It's near and dear to my heart because I lived there for 14 years, hiked and biked throughout the park, and even got married on a boat there.

What destination would you like to visit?
I would love to travel to West Africa because of my interest in West African dancing and drumming, and to spend time being immersed in the culture.

What's your favorite hike?
Trails with pristine lakes, mountains, and streams

What's your favorite bike ride?
Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park

What is your favorite historical site, castle, museum, etc.?
I'm fascinated by pictographs and petroglyphs. Anywhere that I find them is a favorite.

What's your favorite trip to guide?

Because of the wildflowers on the Beehive Basin hike, waking up to the sunrise on Yellowstone Lake, horseback riding with our rancher, Martin, and the bike ride up Mill Creek in the Paradise Valley.

What do you do that makes a guest's vacation special?
I can't tell you if you haven't been on one of my trips. I like to surprise my guests with the unexpected.

Favorite Movie: I always have a new favorite movie. Right now I'd have to say it's The Blind Side. I love happy endings, especially when it's a true story.

Favorite Book: Forget Me Not by Jennifer Lowe Anker. It's about the life of Alex Lowe, a well-known climber from Bozeman, Montana who was killed in an avalanche while climbing in Tibet. He left behind his wife, Jenny, and three young sons. Very poignant.

Laurie Barnard hikingFavorite Song:
Whatever one I'm listening to

Describe the most amazing experience you've had while guiding a trip:
It's always amazing to see families, removed from their busy lives and technology, enjoying each other and experiencing nature at its best. It happens every trip!

When did you first catch the travel bug?
My parents always took me places while I was growing up. After graduate school I worked in Switzerland and France and had the opportunity to travel all over Europe. That's when it really hit.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?
Hiking, biking, alpine skiing, telemark skiing, cross country skiing, kayaking, canoeing, backpacking, and climbing, just to name a few.

What are your hobbies?
Besides playing outside and traveling, I enjoy West African drumming, ethnic cooking, reading, and making jewelry.

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