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Liza grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts where both the mountains and the ocean were always within reach. Her family owns and operates a Christmas tree farm, the fields of which were where she first developed a love for the great outdoors.

She went to college at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where she studied psychology and creative writing. During this time, she began to develop a deeper interest in travel. She road tripped around the western United States in 2016, visiting and hiking in many of the nation’s most famous national parks.



During the summer of 2017, Liza worked for a camp and led a group of teens by bicycle from Portland, Oregon to New York City. This is when she first became interested in travel as a profession, and specifically in guiding others in travel. She is so excited to be leading tours in the Montana and Yellowstone area because she has seen a lot of the United States, thinks Montana and Yellowstone are some of the most beautiful places in the country, and will be getting to share her love for this area with others.

lizaWhat's your favorite vacation destination?

Iceland! With its many waterfalls, glaciers, mountains, and hot springs, it is the most naturally beautiful place I have ever been to, and the kindness of the locals knows no bounds.

What's your favorite hike?

The Narrows at Zion National Park. Hiking in the water between the tall walls of the canyon is uniquely beautiful, and it keeps you cool, too. If you follow the canyon upriver beyond the crowds, you can find secluded areas of supreme beauty.

What's your favorite bike ride?

I love biking around Martha’s Vineyard. Being on a small island means you can find a place to swim no matter where you are in your ride, and because I have family on the island, it has always felt like home and reminded me of the summer months when I used to go there to visit.

Favorite movie?

Run Lola Run. It’s a German film with subtitles about a girl who relives a high-stakes situation over and over with a different outcome each time.

Favorite book?

A Separate Peace by Jonathon Knowles.

Favorite song?

Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by Arcade Fire. liza

When did you first catch the travel bug?

In the summer going into my junior year of college, my best friend and I took a four-week road trip around the western United States in my grandmother’s minivan. We took out all of the seats and slept on an air mattress in the back. We hiked almost every other day and were outside for the entire trip. It was also the longest trip I had been on at that time in my life, and it made me want to do more active travel both within the states and abroad.

What are your hobbies?

Everything active and outdoors! I love to dance, hike, ski, and bike. Art and creativity are also extremely important to me. I paint and write in my free time as well as play piano and ukulele.

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