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Guide Biography:

I was born in The Netherlands in 1978. At the moment I live in the oldest city of Holland, Nijmegen (founded by the Romans as Noviomagus = New Market 2000 years ago!). Holland is a small and flat country, situated by the North Sea. I love mountains and, because Holland is very flat, I traveled intensively to mountainous countries: still looking for more, though! I’ve traveled through Europe, Australia and Central America, on my own or with a group. I hiked through Australia for half a year after I finished my physical ed degree. Nature and being outdoors is what intrigues me most: the perfect place to reflect. Most to the time you can therefore find me outdoors on my bike. My occupation is working as an outdoor instructor. In the summer I work in different parts of The Netherlands and Europe (biking, survival). In winter I give snowboard and skiing lessons in Austria.

Trips Guided by Luuk Wijnhoven:

Luuk's Guid Survey:

My Favorite Destinations:

Italy, Portugal, Venezuela

Destinations I Want to Visit:

New Zealand, Scandinavia, Peru


Travel, different kinds of sports, social networking


Snowboarding, mountain biking, soccer

Favorite Books:

The Quest (magazine)

Favorite Outdoor Activities:

Hiking, biking, climbing, jogging

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