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1012_1040643145690_3414_nMy name is Marko Polich, I was born 1976 and raised in a quiet little town Ogulin in mountain part of Croatia. Since childhood I was outdoors hiking, skiing, making tree houses, you know kids stuff. After I graduated high school, I went to Zagreb University to Faculty of Forestry to become Forest Engineer.

Then I started became a raft guide for a local company and became a travel outdoor bug. I soon joined Croatia Mountain Rescue Service where I am a certified rescuer specialized in flood and water environment rescue and I hold Rescue 3 SRTA certificate.During university I competed in rafting and I was a Croatian rafting team member at the World Rafting Championship in Lipno , Czech Republic 2003. I hold an International Rafting Federation Trip Leader V certificate and I hope to soon become instructor.

4021830835_34eb9d4c77I led a Croatian alpine expedition on Annapurna II in the Himalayas in 2008. Did I mention that I teach sea kayaking as well?

I am also a ski Instructor and a Mountaineering Association Guide Instructor. I hold an ITLS Basic Provider medical certificate.

Through all of these activities, I have traveled to parts of Asia and Europe and my bucket list is getting bigger, not smaller as it’s supposed to! I always say that I love water in every state that comes on Earth: water, ice, snow, steam – I still don’t know what to do with steam…

I became a professional guide soon after I finished university. When I am not guiding I am enjoying my family with my two children, Ante, 13 years old, and Una, one-year-old baby girl. They make me respite after my work.

Favorite Book? I don”™t have time for books but I remember Jules Vern’s: “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” probably made my child brain to make me what I am today

Favorite Vacation Destination? My favorite vacation site would be New Zealand.

Favorite Hike: Velebit mountain ridge Croatia

Favorite Bike Ride: My Favorite Bike ride is Vrsic pass down to Soca River Valley in Slovenia.

Favorite Movie: Dead Poets Society, Game, Snatch

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHobbies? With all my activities it’s hard to have a hobby, but I would say that it’s backcountry skiing and white water kayaking. I enjoy road biking too. I play guitar and make my baby girl smile.

Favorite Song: My Way (boring isn’t it?)

First Trip? Started traveling long time ago. So long that I don-t even remember

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