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Guide Biography:

Matty_2_snakes_YLF726Matty had a wonderful childhood growing up in Chicago (Elgin), IL. And with 8 siblings, he was destined to be a people person! Matty settled in Big Sky, MT in 1995 and built his house in 2006. He has been guiding for quite a while, starting out guiding rafting trips and backcountry skiing in 1996 and joining Adventures Plus in 1998 to lead trips in Alaska.

Guiding is Matty’s profession and he still loves being the “Facilitator of Fun” after so many years! He is passionate when it comes to learning about each area he guides. He loves showing people the finer details and explaining the history of a location, watching guests eyes widen with excitement. Matty takes special care planning each day and outing for every group, always keeping an eye peeled for something to point out or the best place for a WOW (surprise treat on the trail). Matty admits that it feels great to have so much passion for his work and feels he has the perfect job because it allows him to travel, learn, and be active! He spends most of his life doing what he loves and sharing it with others.

Matty's Guide Survey:

Matty-Kirkland-guide3 (1)Facts about Matty: 
He has skied over 100 days a year for 10 years.
He loves multi day raft trips.
He lived out of a converted school bus for 8 years (because he was on the road with AA for most of that time)!
He is an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician).

What's your favorite vacation destination?
Kauai Beach, HI and Thailand

What's your favorite hike?
My favorite hike is the Narrows or Angels Landing in Zion National Park and Harding Ice Field in Alaska.

What's your favorite bike ride?
Kolob Terrace, Zion, Moab, Fruita Co Single Track

What's your favorite trip to guide?
Alaska, Kauai, HI, Bryce Zion and Costa Rica

Alaska because you are able to do so much. You go from riding the train, to seeing whales, bears and glaciers!

Matty_and_Robin_2010_Varenna_Lake_Como_ItalyWhat do you do that makes a guest's vacation special?
Anything I can! I love the WOW factor!

Favorite Movie: North Shore

Favorite Song: Peanuts song or any dance music

Describe the most amazing experience you've had while guiding a trip:
Orcas mating in Alaska or flowers being dropped from the sling by helicopter on a remote beach in Hawaii.

When did you first catch the travel bug?
As a child with my family.

What are your hobbies?
Skiing, rafting, climbing, yard work, traveling and surfing.

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