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Guide Biography:

Onik Morrison ziplining in Costa Rica

I’m Onik Morrison and almost from my birth, 26 years ago, I’ve been involved in biology. Most of those years I lived in a large 5 acre forest/residence near Santa Ana, Costa Rica, building tree houses and swinging on vines. That led to early childhood activities such as gymnastics and an undying fascination with nature. Lately I finished my B.A. degree in Biology and am now studying towards a Master’s degree with an emphasis on Environmental Interpretation and special interest in birds. In the intervening years, I’ve gotten to know, and often camped in, almost every corner of Costa Rica, plus travels to USA, Asia, Europe, Africa and the wonderful Galapagos Islands. My pastimes are music, dancing of course, and even a little soccer

Onik's Guide Survey:

My favorite destination? The Osa Peninsula.

What destination would you like to visit? The SW Caribbean side of CR. Beautiful beaches, rainforest, indigenous reserves and the richest culture in the country.

What's your favorite bike ride? No one particularly, but any where there's fresh air to breathe and either a natural or rural surrounding.

What is your favorite hike? Corcovado National Park and ChirripĆ³ National Park

What's your favorite trip to guide? Why? Any that involves authentic experiences and travelers that are open to letting you become their friend and not just their guide.

What do you do that makes a guest's vacation special? Anything I can to make the experience exceed their expectations.

Describe the most amazing experience you've had while traveling: An all night explosion of the Arenal Volcano. It was Christmas time and the inverted cone shaped area that the rolling red rocks covered made it look like a natural Christmas tree...only red Christmas lights on it, but perfect...the best one yet.

Favorite Movie: Million dollar baby

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking

What are your hobbies? Making jewelry, traveling, and hiking.

When did you first catch the travel bug? Since I was very young and my parents took me and my brothers camping all around Costa Rica whenever they had a chance.

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