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I discovered my passion for the natural world subtly while growing up in Georgia. The seed was planted between my summers spent living on the state’s marshy coast and time in central Georgia working my way towards my Eagle Scout rank.

I earned two degrees during my career at the University of Georgia in Athens, a BBA in Real Estate and BA in American History. During free time I would venture up to cavort in the southern tail of the Appalachians.

In 2011, before matriculating, the inspiration reached a crux during a 6-week adventure in Alaska. I basked in the biodiversity of the Alaskan coast near Homer and spent nearly 2 weeks in the Denali backcountry. Upon reflection that short period in The Last Frontier led to the next 7 years of traveling the world over seeking Earth’s wild places.

A year and a half in Wyoming traipsing around the Medicine Bow, Tetons, and Gros Ventre inadvertently became the launching pad for a full year living and working in Australia thus initiating true wanderlust.

In late 2014, three months in Southeast Asia bouncing around the cities and jungles opened my eyes to the diversity of human culture.



In early 2015, a month in Iceland exposed me to the stark, open beauty of the subarctic landscape. From Iceland to Continental Europe, exploring Poland south into the Balkans via public transit, I was taken aback by the blending of natural and human architecture.

The next stage of life took me to one of the most breathtaking places in the world, Milford Sound, New Zealand. There I spent a full year living and working there in one of the most incredible natural areas on Earth. Returning to the States full time in early 2017 after a volunteering experience in Nepal and exploring the majestic Indonesian islands of Komodo and Flores, I feel excited and contented to increase my intimacy and share my passion for the places where it all began, the rugged Rocky Mountains!

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