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At Austin Adventures, our staff members are your personal travel consultants, the people who eat, sleep and breathe travel so that they can get you going on a trip of a lifetime. Selected for their enthusiasm about travel, their travel expertise, and their love for sharing travel, our adventure consultants will do everything in their power to help make planning your next adventure as easy and fun as possible. Have no idea where you want to go? Want to build a custom adventure? Last minute trip? Tough group dynamics? No Problem! Give our travel consultants a call and they will work with you to make the trip of your dreams become a reality.

Meet our staff

Dan Austin

Dan Austin


Born in California, Dan first ignited his passion for adventure travel in the 1970’s as partner of a rafting company in the Pacific Northwest. His lust for travel soon took him to Alaska, where he saw opportunity as the owner of a construction company developing projects from remote Alaskan villages to military bases in Hawaii and The Azores. In 1994, seeking a new challenge, Dan and a partnership group bought Backcountry Tours of Bozeman, Montana. The purchase turned out to be the catalyst for things to come. In 2000, Dan partnered with retired industrialist and financier Paul Lehman and Austin-Lehman Adventures was born. In 2013, Dan chose to sell Austin Adventures to Xanterra Parks and Resorts, renaming the company Austin Adventures to bring the focus back on those who built the brand. Along the path to founding one of the world’s most recognized active travel brands, Dan founded the non-profit Wheels of Change organization dedicated to empowering rural Africans through mobility via donated bicycles.

Ron Van Dijk

Ron Van Dijk

European Operations Manager

Born in Holland Ron van Dijk has been leading and developing bike tours in Europe since 1974. Ron’s love and passion for cycling is unmatched in the adventure travel industry. Currently Ron is Austin Adventures’ European Operations Director and you can still find him guiding the occasional trip. Ron is an encyclopedia on Europe and speaks 5 languages fluently. Ron got his MA in Economics from Claremont Graduate University, CA. But Ron wishes he would have studied History instead, because that is his real passion, which he now lives out through our trips in the ‘Old World’.

Carol Austin

Carol Austin

Adventure Travel Consultant

Carol Austin, born and raised in Montana. Grew up exploring the Rocky Mountains and Canada. Even after all of these years, Yellowstone is her favorite place on earth! She didn’t actually branch out into traveling the world until she was much older. Through Austin Adventures she’s had the chance to visit many wonderful places, but her bucket list is still very long, and of course it grows every year. Working along with her husband Dan, the summer of 2013 was her 15th season with Austin Adventures. When asked the favorite things about her job, it would have to be working with both guests and operators from around the world. From that one can learn something new every day.

Christy Hamill

Christy Hamill

General Manager

Christy was born in Montana and, growing up with Glacier National Park as her backyard, learned to appreciate nature and the outdoors at an early age. Christy has traveled through most of the United States, Canada and Costa Rica. She has made a career in the travel and hospitality industry. Prior to joining Austin Adventures, Christy worked in the airline business, managed the front desk at a large hotel/convention center, and was the Director of Reservations at a local ski resort. She holds degrees in Accounting and Management.

Christy is responsible for the company’s accounting, human resources, many of the logistics of our adventures and day to day operations. In her free time, she enjoys reading, bird watching, spin class, yoga and spending time outside!

Kasey Austin

Vice President of Operations

Kasey, the Vice President of Operations for Austin Adventures, works with ground operators around the world as well as domestic guides on the home front when it comes to the details of planning a vacation. She grew up in the business learning about adventure travel from a kid’s perspective. Now she puts what she’s learned since she was six years old to use both in the office and out in the field. Kasey has guided trips across the western United States and gets out to travel abroad whenever she gets the chance. She was recently recognized nationally as a “2012 Rising Star in the Tourism Industry” and is very proud of that achievement. More recently, she was recognized by OUTSIDE Magazine as the World’s Top Family Guide in 2014.

Stacie Lopeman

Stacie Lopeman

Adventure Consultant

Born and raised on a farm/ranch in Montana, Stacie learned to love the outdoors at a young age. After high school, she moved to Utah to play volleyball for the University of Utah and to get her education. Traveling was just part of the job as an athlete but Stacie loved seeing new places. She graduated with a degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism and began working for luxury hotels and travel companies around the Park City and Salt Lake City, UT areas. Through her travels, she was able to visit France, Spain, Mexico, the Bahamas and many areas of the US. After over 15 years in Utah, she returned to Montana. She loves to ride her motorcycle, UTV’s, traveling, spending time with friends and family and is always up for an adventure! “Never take life too seriously, no one gets out alive anyway.”

jennifer kramer

Jennifer Kramer

Adventure Consultant
Jennifer, California born, got a taste for the outdoors at an early age of 4 in the Mountains of Colorado every fall with her father and brother. A few years later her father moved her and her brother to Billings Montana where she has spent most of her time exploring the entire beautiful state of Montana by hiking, camping, rock climbing, skiing, hunting and fishing. She attended Montana State University in Billings and completed with a Bachelors in Psychology with the emphasis in Spanish. Jennifer married into a Farm/Ranch family where she continues to be outdoors. She got the travel bug when she traveled to Hawaii for her honeymoon. From there on her desire to build her career in the travel industry developed. She has years’ experience working in a travel agency as a travel agent and has managed many vacations in the United States(including Hawaii and Alaska), Central & South America, Caribbean, Europe, South Pacific and the Middle East. Now she is able to blend her love for adventure and travel with Austin Adventures. “I’m going on an adventure!”-Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit


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