India may be the most vibrant country in the world. The India Adventure Vacation Package will plunge you directly into the heart of India, letting you soak up India’s culture, explore its magnificent past, and bask in its thriving present. The sharp scent of spices will entice you as you weave between market stalls with artisans, vendors, and locals all engaging in the unchoreographed dance of trade. Relish the unforgettable tastes of such culinary delights as samosa, kachori, kulfi and lassi. Let yourself be enthralled by the Indian people, but don’t forget the natural world. Seek out wildlife such as tiger, sloth bear, hyena, and flying squirrel from the comfort and safety of a 4×4 jeep crawling its way under a towering canopy of teak and arjuna trees. Witness the sun rise while canoeing the glassy waters of the Pench River. This adventure, like India itself, is charming, wild, and deeply moving.

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