Laos and Cambodia have long been known as destinations for hardened, round-the-world backpackers looking to experience authentic Asia. With the introduction of our Luang to Prabang tour, the same ground-level authenticity that has drawn independent travelers can be had with a surprisingly high level of luxury. Watch lines of saffron-robed monks making their way through the city streets during the daily Sai Bath (alms rounds) ritual, or participate in a private Baci ceremony of good tidings led by local village Nai Ban (village chief). Marvel at the haunting wonder of Angkor Wat being slowly consumed by the surrounding jungle, or walk among Vientiane’s vibrant, modern Buddhist temples. Hit the streets on a Vespa, sampling the street food that has made Laos and Cambodia the epicenters of the world-wide street-food culinary movement. Visit local farms, getting lost in a way of life that hasn’t changed in generations. Cool off under crystal-clear waterfalls, or in your accommodation’s infinity pool. Or simply absorb the solitude of your villa’s balcony on a private island. This meticulously-planned vacation offers the authenticity that only backpack-laden adventurers found in the past, but delivers it with the amenities you expect from an Austin Adventures trip.

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