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Central America vacations & tours are all about the exploration! Explore mighty volcanoes, sandy beaches and catch some waves. Bike along rolling pastures, canyon trails and hidden lagoons. Take a breath of fresh rainforest air and hike to ancient ruins and desert waterfalls. Raft world-class rapids and meander through bustling markets. Take home a colorful poncho and savor mouth-watering (and should you choose, sinus clearing!) local cuisine. Reward yourself at the end of each active day with a good night’s sleep in an exquisite lodge, inn, hotel or hacienda.

Austin Adventures offers hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, zip-lining, and horseback riding adventures deep into the heart of Costa Rica, Belize, and Nicaragua for unforgettable Central America adventure vacations.

Relax your mind, energize your body and ignite the adventurer within as we explore the rich natural beauty, history, and cultures of Central America

11 Central America Adventure Tour Packages

Best time to travel

When to Travel Where in Central America

When to Travel Where in Central America

Best Time to Travel? Almost any time of the year is a good time to visit Central America, depending on what types of activities you’re interested in experiencing. Each Central America country offers an array of activities that are best suited for the winter months (dry season) and best suited for the summer months (rainy season).
– Rainy Season (Low-Season): Rainy season in Central America is June through November. Even though most of the countries in Central America experience heavier volumes of rain during these months, keep in mind that a majority of the rain falls in the evening and throughout the night. Daytime temperatures during the rainy season are generally about five degrees warmer than during the dry season. If you prefer to travel when there are fewer tourists, this may be the best time for you to visit!

– Dry Season (Peak-Season): The dry season months are December through May which makes Central America the perfect destination for holiday and spring break vacations! You can expect sunny, blue skies and cooler temperatures. Short rain showers and cloudy weather are still possible so always be prepared for changing weather conditions. It is important to keep in mind that in some Pacific coast areas many of the trees lose their leaves during the dry season and fewer flowers are in bloom.

What to prepare

A Few Things to Check Off Before You Leave…

A Few Things to Check Off Before You Leave…

1. Immunizations
Check with your physician regarding immunizations that might be recommended for the Central American country you will be visiting. There are no required immunizations to enter Central America, but you will want to know what immunizations are suggested and why.
2. Passports & Paperwork
Check your passport; in order to enter the country, your passport must be valid at least 6 months after the date you enter the country. Keep in mind that most Central American countries charge an exit tax before you leave the country. It is best to have cash with you to pay this tax because some areas do not accept credit cards and other areas charge fees to process the credit card. Give yourself extra time to pay the exit tax before you check in for your flight; sometimes the lines can be long.
3. Luggage Limits
If your stay involves a domestic flight, make sure you know the luggage limits. In some cases the limit for a smaller domestic flight is less than it will be for your international flight so you want to pack accordingly

Insider tips

1. Drink bottled water – Many of the countries in Central America have very clean water, but it is recommended that you drink bottled water just to be safe.
2. Try to speak some Spanish – Most of the people who live in Central America speak Spanish. The people of Central America are some of the warmest and most friendly people you will ever meet. Try to speak a little of their language when you talk with them – they appreciate the effort.
3. Respect the wildlife – Often the wildlife in Central America is within arms-reach, but resist the temptation to touch. A good rule of thumb is to remember that if the wildlife is reacting to your presence, you are too close. Back up just a bit so they can go about their natural lives.
4. Be a good guest – Most of the people you meet in Central America are affected by tourism. Let them know you appreciate them sharing their country and their resources with you.

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