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Imagine 60,000 acres of private reserves surrounded by 1.2 million acres of nationally protected wilderness areas, which together form a critical link in the greater Mesoamerican Biological Corridor and the last great refuge for jaguars in the Americas. Here, the magnificent tropical rainforest is alive with jungle creatures. Mayan ruins unveil the remnants of cultures from long ago. Giant ceiba trees create a canopy rich in exotic bird and wildlife. Crystalline rivers open to the azure waters of the Port Honduras Marine Reserve, an area of five coastal rivers and 130 small tropical islands. The southern tip of the world’s second largest barrier reef looms just beyond the horizon.

Untouched for centuries, this pristine habitat can be discovered in a unique safari experience as you journey from lodge to lodge, from interior jungle to the Caribbean Sea through twelve distinct ecosystems. Based from three exclusive luxury lodges you find yourself right in the middle of this amazing wilderness. A luxury Belize vacation is a journey unlike anything else in Central America.

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Best time to travel

When is the Best Time to Travel to Belize for YOU?

When is the Best Time to Travel to Belize for YOU?

When considering the best time to visit Belize, the first thing that will most likely come to mind is rainfall. Belize, like other Central American countries experiences a definite rainy season and a dry season. When’s the best time to travel? Why don’t you decide what’s best for you. Here’s what makes them distinct:

  • Dry Season (December – May)
    Belize’s dry season is December through May which makes this a great holiday or spring break destination. The temperatures are also coolest during these months. However, you must take into account that the number of tourists visiting Belize is quite a bit higher during these months.
  • Rainy Season (June – November)
    Belize’s rainy season is June through November. If you like to avoid crowds, this may be the best time for you to travel. Most of the rain that falls during the rainy season falls in the evenings or at night so you will generally experience sunny, blue skies during the daytime hours when you’re out exploring. Keep in mind that most resorts in Belize are closed for the month of September because of the variable weather and low traffic.

What to prepare

Wondering What to Pack for Your Belize Adventure Vacation?

Wondering What to Pack for Your Belize Adventure Vacation?

Belize is known for its beautiful golden and white sand beaches and colorful coral reefs as well as its mystical Maya ruins and extensive limestone caves. With this diversity comes the need to pack for two very different sets of activities: hiking and swimming.

1. What to bring for your inland activities.
Sturdy, supportive hiking boots are a necessity for exploring the Maya ruins in Belize. Often, the trails leading to the ruins run through thick tropical forests. Anytime you are hiking in the jungle, you definitely want to wear closed-toe shoes that provide ankle support.

2. What to bring for your beach activities.
Obviously you’re going to want to have your favorite swimming suit or trunks with you when you arrive at your beach-front resort, but we recommend that you bring two or three! In the humid climate of Belize, clothing takes longer to dry so it’s nice to have a dry suit or trunks to put on in the morning when the air still feels a little cooler.

3. Dinner attire.
Belize restaurants are wonderfully casual and laid back. Shorts or a simple skirt and a t-shirt will work just fine. If you’re comfortable and having a great time, you’re wearing the right choice of clothing – shoes are optional when staying near the beach.

4. Staying dry in the rainforest.
Hey,  its the rainforest, it’s going to rain! You’ll want to bring a light rain jacket for those occasional rain showers that tend to build up in the evenings. Most of the rain will fall at night, but occasionally a storm will pass over you during the daylight hours. You’ll also want to bring along a lightweight, brimmed hat (for sun and rain), sunscreen, as well as sunglasses with UV protection.

Insider tips

Travel Tips for Visiting Belize

Travel Tips for Visiting Belize

Belize is one of the most popular destinations in Central America because of its lush, green tropical forests, extensive barrier reef, and abundant wildlife, both on land and in the sea.

When you want to experience the paradise that is Belize, keep these simple tips in mind

1. Belize’s Maya ruins will lend a rich historical and cultural component to your trip.
Obviously, a big part of the reason people visit Belize is to enjoy the miles of pristine beaches and over 200 cayes off the coast of the mainland, but visiting one or two of the ancient Maya ruins is a not-to-be-missed activity. Archaeologists believe that there may have been as many as a million Maya living in Belize during the fourth to tenth centuries A.D. Their stunning architecture still stands as a testimony to their fascinating culture.

2. If you want to scuba dive along the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere get certified before you arrive.
The snorkeling in Belize is second to none, but it’s simply not enough for some travelers. If you want to scuba dive while you’re in Belize it’s a good idea to get certified before you go. At the very least, try to complete the classroom and pool work through a local dive shop before you travel. You can then complete your check out dives when you get to your beach resort.

3. Bring bug wipes.
There are very few mosquitoes or other biting bugs in Belize, but when you are near the mangrove forest or deep in the jungle, it’s wise to wipe over exposed skin lightly with a bug- spray infused moist towelette.

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