On Austin Adventures Denmark bike tours, we arrive in Copenhagen, a city brimming with bicycles and Scandinavian elegance. Known as the worlds best city for cyclists and pedestrians, we’ll stroll the strøget (pedestrian zone), to the State Museum of Art and watch the changing of the guards at Amalienborg Palace (home of the Danish Queen). Bike the Danish Riviera along a picturesque coastline dappled with small fishing villages. Stroll the beautiful statue-studded alleyways and gardens of Fredensborg Castle, the summer residence of the Danish Royal Family. Visit the Viking Ship Museum and marvel at the royal tombs and sarcophagi at the Roskilde Cathedral. Cycle along the coast to Troense, a historic half-timbered seafaring town. Denmark bike tours make for one of the best adult and family adventure vacations with gentle rides through Isles, Strøgets, and Viking territory. Find more about our Denmark bike tours.

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  • View of Svendborg harbor from the ferry to Aero Island


    Denmark | Danish Isles

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    Denmark Adventure Tours Join us on this two-wheel, small group adventure through the Danish Isles and the land of the…
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Best time to travel

When is the Best Time to Travel to Denmark?

When is the Best Time to Travel to Denmark?

Denmark has a very pleasant climate, more so than the other Scandinavian countries, due to the influences of the Gulf Stream.  Since the country borders the North Sea, the water has a big influence on the weather. Despite the fact that the temperatures are never too extreme, there are four different seasons. See below for what to expect during each one.

  • Spring (March – June) Temperatures range from the mid-30°s (in March) to the low-50°s (May), so it’s best to pack warm clothing. And since Denmark is on the sea, expect humidity and rain which often falls in the form of short, but heavy, showers. You can experience all four seasons in one day during the Spring time in Denmark.
  • Summer (July – August) Summer in the Denmark is all about being outside. The high temperature in July is 77°F and this is when most residents take vacation, so expect to see a lot of locals out and about. The calendar is packed with festivals and events, so there’s never a shortage of things to do. It can rain at any time in Denmark, and sea temperatures never gets above 66°F.
  • Autumn (September – November) By the time the last of the summer tourists leave, the country is awash in beautiful fall colors. The average high temperature starts out at 60°F in September and is down to 43°F by November. We recommend visiting the Denmark in in late September early October if seeing nice fall foliage is important to you!
  • Winter (December – February) If you’re looking to pay less for accommodations and have the museums to yourself, winter is a great time to visit Denmark. But bring boots because the average temperature in January is 32°F, and snow can be expected. One of the most popular hobbies among locals is ice skiing down the brand new ski slope/power plant in Copenhagen.

What to prepare

What to Think About Before Visiting Denmark.

What to Think About Before Visiting Denmark.
  1. Electrical Converter
    The voltage in Denmark is 230 whereas it’s 120 in the U.S. so if you plan on packing electronics, you’ll need to pack accordingly. This means that you’ll need an electrical converter in addition to the outlet adapter that you’ll need. Outlets in Denmark have the standard European two-pin plug.
  2. Rain Gear
    Rain happens year round in Denmark, so we always recommend packing a rain jacket and/or an umbrella. And bring shoes or boots that can take a step or two in a puddle!
  3. Cycling Gear
    It’s hard not to ride a bike when you’re in Denmark, and since there is a great chance that you’ll spend a lot of time in the saddle, you’ll want to be comfortable. It’s important to pack padded shorts or pants, and if a sore bum is a big concern for you, you may even want to pack a gel seat cover. Moisture-wicking cycling jerseys and padded cycling gloves are also essentials that you’ll want in your bag. Also pack a few warm layers as the temperature changes frequently in Denmark.

Insider tips

Insider Tips

Insider Tips

Sustainability – How do you turn a zero emissions garbage burning power plant into something beautiful? By turning it into a year round ski slope of course! Perhaps we should come to expect these types of innovations from the country that brought us the Lego. Aiming to be the world’s first carbon neutral city, Copenhagen is well on it’s way. Copenhagen is one of the best examples of what a city can be like when you design it for people, instead of for cars. Take a stroll down Nyhavn crossing over the ‘kissing bridge’, walking past the world’s best restaurant Noma, on your way to the Papier islands street food scene and you won’t encounter a single car.  You’ll have to watch out for cruising bicycles and the jumping children on the random public sidewalk trampoline park of course. Then there’s Freetown Christiania, the district known as ‘the social experiment’ by locals.  The community of squatters housed in the cities former barracks has lived more or less outside of the government since 1971. A fascinating mix of the fringes of society is on display in this makeshift village, which has also managed to turn itself into the 4th most visited tourist attraction in the city.


Hygge – It’s easy to feel like you’re in one of Hans Christian Andersen’s fabled fairytales while travelling in Denmark. After being whisked away to some of Europe’s most spectacular castles and it’s world class restaurants culture, you too might feel like the storied Princess and the Pea (Only with a softer mattress). Gone are the days of the pillaging Vikings who’ve now been replaced by a kinder, gentler folk who tend prefer all things Hygge.  This Danish philosophy of enjoying the pleasure of the little things in life tends to rub off on its visitors.  No matter what the weather, the Danes love to be outdoors.  Walk by any bakery or café in the morning, and you might be surprised to see several strollers with sleeping babies left unattended.  From birth children are put outside even in sub-zero temperatures; ask any Scandinavian and they’ll tell you, ‘Everyone knows that outdoor babies sleep.’  If you’ve ever wondered how the seemingly coldest countries always make it to the top of the ‘World Happiest Report’ each year, maybe now you know. They get outside!

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