Slovenia vacation packages take you to one of Europe’s least traveled destinations, with Slovenia’s fjord-like lakes, thundering waterfalls, rolling wine country and spectacular Julian Alps. Discover Slovenia now, before the crowds do! Stretch your legs on a stroll along the willow-lined walkways of the Ljubljanica River, admiring the city’s Baroque, Renaissance and Neo-Classical-style architecture. Enjoy a city walking tour, and ride by funicular to Ljubljana Castle for spectacular vistas, or browse an impressive collection of 20th century Slovenian art at the National Gallery. Sample local berries, honey, and a sliver of soft, white sircek cheese at the open-air Central Market. Marvel at the sumptuous pink marble, white stucco, and gilt-clad interior of the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, in the heart of Old Town. Ramble the cobblestone streets of Stari Trg square, lined with 19th century shops and quiet courtyards, and sample a few local brews on an evening pub crawl and have dinner at a local restaurant and overnight at the luxurious Grand Hotel Union Executive. And that’s just day 1!

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Best time to travel

When is the Best Time to Visit Slovenia?

When is the Best Time to Visit Slovenia?

Unless you come to ski on its great slopes, June till September are the best months to travel in Slovenia.

Slovenia by the Seasons
In general, Slovenia is temperate with four distinct seasons, but the topography creates three individual climates despite the small size of this country. The northwest has an alpine climate (cold winters, moderate summers), with the abundant rain keeping it very green. Snow in the mountains can linger until late-June. The coast has a Mediterranean climate (warm, sunny weather and mild winters). The eastern part of the country has a Continental climate (hot summers and cold winters).

Spring (April to June):
Late-spring (May, June) gets a considerable amount of rain. Spring begins in April along the coast, where the Mediterranean flora begins to bloom. For walkers and cyclists, June is a perfect time to travel, as the weather is warm yet the country not crowded.

 Summer (July to Sept): These months are ideal for hiking and biking in the interior of the country. Be aware that the coast is likely to be overcrowded. September is a great month no matter where you go, with bountiful local fruit and vegetables.

Fall (Sept to Nov):
During September you can still swim in the Adriatic, but by October the days are getting shorter, while the mountain tops could be receiving their first snow. Autumn, when the leaves turn colors, is especially beautiful in the Gorenjska mountains. October and November can be rainy.

Winter (Dec to March):
The Alpine resorts are open for the ski season, with January being the coldest month. Compared to Switzerland and Austria, ski facilities and hotels are priced quite reasonably. Away from the mountains, the scenery is rather grey and bleak. The coastal resort towns are deserted and shut.

How to Prepare

Wondering What to Pack on Your Slovenia Vacation?

Wondering What to Pack on Your Slovenia Vacation?

Packing for adventure vacations can be tricky. On the one hand, you want to make sure you’re prepared, but on the other, you don’t want to be toting around more supplies than you need. But fear not – we have you well on your way to being prepared for your Austria/Slovenia vacation.
1. Pack for the Weather.
Slovenia experiences distinct seasons: snowy, white winters and warm, sunny summers. The weather in Slovenia can vary significantly – this means that you have to always be equipped with a diverse set of clothing options. The best way to do this is to plan on layers: a base layer, insulating mid layers, and an additional shell. Learn more about layering for adventure travel.
2. Pack for Activity.
If you’re booking an adventure vacation with us, you’ll know exactly what types of activity your trip will include. Use your itinerary to inform your packing decisions – On this trip, for cycling, bring padded shorts and sporting shoes; for hiking, bring proper hiking boots and thick socks; for rafting, bring a bathing suit.
3. Pack Sensible Footwear.
Regardless of the amount of activity planned for your Slovenia vacation, never underestimate the importance of solid footwear. Running sneakers, hiking boots and proper socks (including extras!), and river shoes or sandals are a staple on almost any adventure vacation. It’s all about comfort.
4. Pack Skin Protection.
Nothing ruins a vacation experience like painful or irritated skin. We always provide the proper aid should you get a blister. Despite the temperate climate, we recommend bringing sunscreen.
5. Additional Items for Your Trip.
If there’s room in your bag, it never hurts to have a few additional items to make your adventure that much more enjoyable. These items include: a camera, a backpack, binoculars, sunglasses, and a hat and cycling gloves.

Insider tips

Travel Tips for Visiting Slovenia

Travel Tips for Visiting Slovenia

Slovenia has become very popular since it freed itself from Yugoslavia (and was the first to do so and be recognized as an independent country in 1991). In 2003 it joined the EU and adopted the Euro as its currency in 2007.

No matter what time of year you choose to explore Slovenia, keep these travel tips in mind to ensure you have the best vacation possible!

1. Opening hours.

Stores are usually open from 8am to 7pm on weekdays, but be aware that they close on Saturday at 1pm for the remainder of the day. On Sunday all store are closed. Museums are usually closed on Monday.

2. Shopping.

Silver-filigree jewelry can be found in shops all over the country and is a good buy. These shops are mostly owned by ethnic Albanians who brought the craft here from Kosovo. Lace, basketry, wooden utensils, pottery and ceramics, crystal cut glass and woodcarvings are ll good souvenirs. Traditional beehive panels painted with folk motifs make an original souvenir. Bargaining was not done under communism, but nowadays people selling folks crafts on the streets will be open to haggling.

3. Etiquette.

It is custom to great everyone you pass while hiking or biking. Generally a simple Dober dan (hello) and a smile will suffice. When clinking glasses and toasting say Na zdravje (cheers), and make sure you look everyone in the eye and then take a sip before returning your glass to the table. When visiting churches and other religious sites, please be quiet, and never forget to turn off your cell phone.

4. In the restaurant.

Almost every restaurant (restavracija / gostilna / gostie) has a menu translated into English, Italian and German. The dishes are often divided on the menu into pripravljene jedi (ready-made dishes such as goulash that are heated up) and jedi po naroilu (made to order). In general, the Slovenian cuisine is Austrian influenced (but also includes Italian, Hungarian and Balkan dishes), plain and simple, rather heavy and meaty. Tipping was not very common in Slovenian restaurants in Yugoslavian times, but has become so since independence. Nowadays, 10% is customary.
Slovenia offers fine adventure and sightseeing opportunities outside of our itineraries and our Adventure Travel Consultants would be happy to help you add on more days of activities or travel.

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