Austin Adventures Israel & Jordan tours let you step back in time as you explore ancient cities, National Parks and lands steeped in culture, history and mysticism alongside Austin Adventures’ expert guides. Journey to the city of Jerusalem, the mountain refuge of Massada, the ancient synagogues of Galilee and the sandstone “Red Rose” city of Petra by foot, camel and Segway on this unforgettable ten-day adventure. Kick off your day with a donkey ride on Mount Arbel, overlooking the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights and Mount Hermon. Swim beneath a waterfall and relax in a natural hot tub in Gan HaShlosha National Park. Visit the Tower of David Museum, set in the magnificently restored ancient Citadel, constructed 2,000 years ago by Herod the Great. In the Old City of Jerusalem, explore the Jewish Quarter, including Ophel Archeological Park, the remains of the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, remnant of the foundation of the Second Temple from the time of Jesus, and holiest site of Judaism.

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