Step into the world of Torres del Paine National Park, and discover the wonders of Chile’s Patagonia region for yourself. With itineraries ranging from five to nine days, your Patagonia vacation will be catered specifically to your needs, wants and adventurous desires. Hike to the jagged peaks for which the park is named. Spend a day on a working ranch, helping to wrangle sheep, cattle and horses. Sail across the face of Glacier Grey. Tuck-in to a dinner of local cuisine, accompanied by famous Chilean wine. With a Chile luxury travel adventure in Torres del Paine National Park, the world’s your oyster!

1 Chile Adventure Tour Package

  • Horseback riding at Nibepo Aike Ranch


    Chile/Argentina – Authentic Patagonia

    10 Days / 9 Nights

    Explore Northern Patagonia! Explore the very best highlights and majesty of Patagonia as you trek, ride, and paddle through Glaciares…
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    • Adult only
    • Hiking
    • Paddling/Rafting
    • Horseback
    • Cultural/History

    Activity Level: Moderate to Challenging (4)

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    • Feb 16, 2019
    • Mar 18, 2019
    • Oct 19, 2019
    • Nov 16, 2019

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Best time to travel

When is the Best Time to Travel to Chile?

When is the Best Time to Travel to Chile?

Chile is known as the Land of Fire and Ice its 2,670 miles from north to south and 217 miles (at its widest spot) from east to west. Narrowing down the best time to visit Chile will depend on your final destination. In one visit you can experience the Chilean coast, the Lakes District, Chilean Patagonia, the Atacama Desert and Easter Island. The land scape is varied and because of the vast distance from north to south, changing from the world’s driest desert in Atacama to the glaciers and fjords of Chilean Patagonia.

Chile by the Seasons
There are four definite seasons in most of Chile. Because Chile consists of a wide range of weather conditions across 38 degrees in latitude, it’s difficult to give general advice per season in each region. There are at least seven different climates starting with the desert in the north, the alpine tundra and glaciers in the east and southeast, subtropical in Easter Island, and Mediterranean in the central valley of Chile.

While the seasons in Chile don’t fit neatly into the normal buckets of spring, summer, fall and winter the easiest way to describe the seasons is by dividing the country into three regions; north, central and southern Chile.

Northern Chile: is very dry the average rainfall is .04 inches per year. As it is typical in the desert there are huge temperature swings between daytime and night time, the summer months’ average 39-75 and winter months average 30-70.

Central Chile: weather conditions are more liken to a Mediterranean climate. Summers are warm and winters are cooler and wetter. June and July are the wettest months in central Chile

Southern Chile: climates vary from oceanic to sub-polar in the southernmost part of the country. The cooling winds from the Andes mean it’s never more than 62 in the summer. Because it is so far south the weather is cool all year long. The rains come in April-May and snows from May-September.

How to Prepare

Wondering How to Prepare for your Chile Adventure Vacation?

Wondering How to Prepare for your Chile Adventure Vacation?

If you’re stuck and not sure what to bring with you to Chile, it will ultimately depend on where you are going. Don’t forget your swimming suit, if you’re not going to the beach you will definitely want it to soak in the hot tub after a long day of hiking or biking. Wine tastings and vineyard visits are a popular activity during summer in Chile so some light linen or cotton daywear is also a smart choice. If your itinerary includes the south and north of Chile you will want to pack warm clothes regardless of the time of year.

Things to Know Before You Go

1. There are no vaccinations required to enter Chile. We do recommend making sure you’re up to date on all routine immunizations before you go. Or visit the WHO website for current updates

2. Passports should be valid for 6 months days after entry into the country.

3. A 90 day tourist card is issued to all incoming visitors.

4. If you’re planning on using a credit card for purchase you may be charged more for your purchases.

Insider tips

Here are some tips for your Chile Vacation

Here are some tips for your Chile Vacation

1. Before you leave home notify your bank and Credit Card Company when and where you will be traveling. This will prevent their fraud detection departments from freezing your accounts.

2. Museums in Chile are closed on Mondays.

3. On domestic flights each traveler is permitted up to 45 pounds for checked bags and 11 pounds of carryon bags,

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