Do you build Custom Adventures?

Yes! Custom Adventures are a big part of what we do. If you can dream it, we can build it! The Austin Adventures team loves the challenge of designing dream vacations and turning them into a reality. To get started, call and let us know what you want to do, how much you’d like to spend and how active you’d like to be. Then leave the rest up to us!

What is the minimum or maximum group size?

On a Custom Trip, there is no minimum or maximum group size. We’ve done trips for 1 guest and trips for 100 guests before. The custom trip is designed with your group size in mind so the sky is truly the limit!

What is the difference between a Custom and an Exclusive Vacation?

A Custom Vacation is an entirely new, once-in-a-lifetime trip built from scratch to meet your definition of a dream vacation. An Exclusive Vacation is chosen from one of our pre-existing tours, and we’ll tailor it specifically for you and your travel companions.

Do we have to follow published itineraries?

A Custom or Exclusive Vacation is truly your adventure and we’ll design the trip to your liking during the planning stages of booking the trip. Your guides will operate your trip as planned, whether you’re following a pre-existing trip schedule or a custom trip itinerary. That being said, part of the magic of an adventure vacation is waking up with a game plan, but allowing for spontaneity as the day unfolds. Expect the unexpected is ingrained in the adventure travel mantra – it’s the unplanned moments, in fact, that make each trip unique!

What is the age limit on Custom Adventures?

There is no age limit on Custom Adventures! We will design the trip with the ages of the guests in mind whether you bring along your two-year-old or your 90-year-old grandparents. This being said, there are some activities that require a minimum age; for example, horseback riding. If you want to add an activity like horseback riding but you have a child that is too young to go riding, one parent will need to plan to stay with the child during that activity. We will work through these kinds of details as we plan your trip.

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