How old do kids need to be?

Most of our scheduled family departures require children to be 7 years or older at the time of travel. Our Yellowstone and Costa Rica adventures can accommodate 6-year-olds. On custom or exclusive adventures, we can accommodate any age of child including babies or toddlers. Call your Adventure Consultant for more details.

Do you have children’s bikes?

We do have an array of kids mountain bikes that we use for our travelers who are under 5 feet tall. Most kids bikes feature a gear system and hand brakes just like our adult bikes. We also have tagalong bicycles on request which attach to the seat post of a parent’s bike. Our tagalong bikes are best used for children between the ages of 5 and 8.

Do you offer discounts for children?

Yes! Children (age 7 and up) who share accommodations with one or more adults will receive discounts of 10 to 20%, depending on the trip.

Can we pick a trip with similar-age kids?

Yes, your Adventure Consultant can give you the breakdown of kids’ ages on whichever trip and date you’re considering. We actively try to match families with similar-age kids on all of our trips because we believe this works best for trip dynamics!

What is the difference between an adult and family itinerary?

Our adult trips are built for travelers 16 years and older. The itineraries are crafted to include longer, more rigorous options when it comes to activities like hikes or bike rides, and we include special ‘grown-up’ perks like private wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, and as much quiet time as the heart desires. Our family trips are designed for children 7 and up (6 and up in Costa Rica and Yellowstone). Family itineraries include an extra guide and van, special equipment (e.g., tag-along bikes), and separate activities for kids so grown-ups can have some ‘adult time.’ Our family trips are the perfect blend of cross-generational activity, R&R, and good, clean outdoor fun.

Can we get family suites and/or adjoining rooms?

Many national park properties do not offer family suites or adjoining rooms, but we will do our best to place you in rooms adjacent or across from your family members. Trips outside the national parks that feature lodging with family suites or connecting rooms can be requested at time of booking.

What is your top-selling Family Trip?

Our top-selling family trip is our Yellowstone Family Adventure. We think it’s the perfect blend of family-friendly activities, wildlife spotting opportunities and fascinating geothermal features to keep kids fascinated, engaged and moving throughout the entire week. It doesn’t hurt that Yellowstone is practically in our backyard with Austin Adventures’ base in Montana! Yellowstone is our go-to “introduction to Austin Adventures” trip, especially for first-time travelers!

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