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Story Ideas

Looking for a fresh, new story angle to catch an editor’s interest? Want an exclusive scoop on a unique trip being planned? Would you like to report on current vacation trends and what consumers are saying about how and where they want to vacation next?

Let Austin Adventures be your go-to resource for new, exciting stories, personal profiles, off-beat trends, and the latest travel news. We’ll provide you with:

  • Honest details and statistics
  • Owner, guide, and guest interviews
  • Professional, high-quality photography
  • The opportunity, if deemed appropriate, for a press trip so you can experience Austin Adventures first hand

To start, here is a quick list of some possible story ideas to consider. But keep in mind that we are just scratching the surface of what you can write about. There’s a depth of content and angles, limited only by our collective imagination. Give us a call. Drop us an email. Let’s work together to craft just the right article or editorial pitch.

For Your Consideration…

  • “Adventure Travel?” “Active Travel?” Shouldn’t it really be called “Experiential Travel?”
  • Sights to see and stuff to do in National Parks you’d never think of on your own.
  • The value of small group travel compared to “winging it” on your own.
  • Why Is AA’s style of active travel ideal for folks 60 and better?
  • Developing the perfect multi-sport tour guide.
  • Adventure travel, a way to celebrate a milestone — 50th birthday, empty nest, marriage, graduation, retirement.
  • When can wine tasting, sampling local cuisine, or visiting a village artisan be called active adventure?
  • How do you know you have chosen the best tour and operator?
  • Where is the next hottest adventure destination?
  • Step-by-step, how to create an award-winning tour itinerary.
  • Why Austin Adventures participants are considered travelers and not tourists.
  • What are AA’s Top Ten hiking and biking trails? Hotels? Restaurants? Wildlife experiences? And more?


Austin Adventures

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