• Havasu waterfalls


    Arizona | Havasupai

    5 days/4 nights

    Havasupai Falls Hiking Vacation Lose yourself in the untouched beauty of Havasupai on this action-packed, intimate adventure deep in a sidearm…
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    • Hiking

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    • Dec 28, 2017
    • Mar 21, 2018
    • Mar 28, 2018
    • Apr 2, 2018
    • Apr 25, 2018
    • May 6, 2018
    • May 16, 2018
    • May 27, 2018
    • Jun 6, 2018
    • Jun 17, 2018
    • Jun 24, 2018
    • Jul 1, 2018
    • Jul 19, 2018
    • Aug 19, 2018
    • Sep 2, 2018
    • Sep 20, 2018
    • Oct 3, 2018
    • Oct 17, 2018

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  • Sea lions on the beach

    South America

    Ecuador | Galapagos Islands

    8 days/7 nights

    Galapagos Adventure Tours Discover Darwin’s natural laboratory on this exclusive, small-ship cruise around the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. Our expert…
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Colorado Five Star

Colorful Colorado: 6 Shades of Adventure and Luxury From sun-kissed mountaintops at dawn to rosy clouds wisped over the plains at happy hour, Colorado Springs guarantees to deliver a world of colorful contrasts set against its bluer-than-blue Rocky Mountain sky. Discover an adventurer’s paradise and an artist’s delight on this five-star wilderness getaway that presents you with the perfect blend of exploration and relaxation. 1. Red rocks: Spend a morning… Continued

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Grand Tetons

Corbin Hawkins was born in Flower Mound, Texas but grew up in Breckenridge, Colorado where he spent the majority of his time outside skiing and riding dirt bikes. He attended Colorado State University, graduating in 2013 with a degree in Natural Resource Recreation & Tourism as well as a minor in Business Administration. He has also earned his Wilderness First Responder certificate. Corbin began his career guiding and running logistics for a team building company in Lakewood,… Continued

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Colorado Five Star

Unplug from work for a minute and imagine your perfect adventure vacation: hiking beneath towering mountains…kayaking amongst whales…horseback riding across wildflower bedecked meadows…sipping a pint of crispy craft beer as the sun goes down. If your daydreams are drifting towards travel plans for 2017, take a minute to checkout our list of North American destinations ideal for your next family getaway.  Forget the passport. No need for French lessons. Rather… Continued

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Sheri – Austin Adventure’s Alaska & Hawaii Naturalist It’s no secret that our guests LOVE our guides. And our guides love our guests and their jobs!  Sheri has been with us for 9 seasons. She KNOWS what being a guide at Austin Adventures means and just how high the standards are! Whether she’s educating the guests, surprising them on their anniversary, or laying out an incredible picnic spread in the… Continued

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Top 5 Fall Destination

“A man on foot, on horseback or on a bicycle will see more, feel more, enjoy more in one mile than the motorized tourists can in a hundred miles.” ~ Edward Abbey Cooler temperatures, fewer tourists, leaf peeping, harvest season, cheaper airline tickets and hotel prices…what’s not to love about traveling in the fall? As if these weren’t reasons enough to start planning your next big autumn adventure, it turns out… Continued

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Rostyn Hamilton

  Rostyn grew up in Sheridan, Wyoming. Where at a young age a family friend took him on backpacking trip and he immediately fell in love with the outdoors. One time in particular he was on a 9 day backpacking trip in the Bighorn Mountains. He was Just ten miles from the car, he remembered turning a corner in the trail and the scenery change into a big open v-shaped… Continued

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Alex Hamilton

Alex Hamilton was born in Denver Colorado. However, she moved around the southern part of Colorado and eventually moved to Billings Montana for high school. While growing up, she enjoyed skiing with her family, going on day hikes, and venturing Georgetown Lake in Montana. Because her family always seemed to be moving around it gave Alex a chance to explore different areas. She was able to learn how to ski… Continued

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Emily is from the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. During the long, cold winters that the “UP” is known for, Emily grew up x-c skiing, snowmobiling and spending summers at the family cottage with no electricity or running water. Her passion for Alpine and telemark skiing moved her West. Colorado has been home for over twenty years. Emily spends winters in Vail, CO where she is a fully certified ski instructor.… Continued

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Justin Modroo grew up in Billings Montana enjoying the outdoors by hunting, fly fishing, backpacking, skiing and playing soccer. He was also lucky enough to have a loving family that enjoyed the outdoors going on camping trip all around Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Yellowstone. After graduating from Billings West High School in 1996, he moved to Golden Colorado to attend the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) to study geophysics. During… Continued

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Austin Adventures Shows Travel Advisor Appreciation – Agents Booking 2016 Trips Earn Generous Commission Plus $100 per Person Bonus BILLINGS, MT – May 10, 2016 – Travel agents who introduce their clients to some of the world’s best travel experiences can now pocket more than customer satisfaction. Think $100 per person (man, woman or child) booked on a 2016 vacation – in addition to a generous 12 percent commission. This is Austin… Continued

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Check out our new 2016 adventures! This year we are excited to take our multisport-loving style across the Pacific to Southeast Asia, explore more of South America and dive deeper into all that Europe has to offer. Our new Southeast Asia adventures combine beautiful scenery and incredible culture with bold adventure and our signature service to make for unforgettable adventures. This year we are exploring more of our favorite parts… Continued

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Did You Know? You can visit a different national site each day of the year and STILL not see them all. That’s right; there are more than 400 national sites in the National Park Service. While some of these sites are smaller parks or even structures, a handful of them are huge expanses of some of the most beautiful acreage on earth. Obviously, we’re a bit biased since Yellowstone, Grand… Continued

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Towers of the Virgin

Spring Adventure is in the Air! As the snow melts and the trails become passable and the roads ride-able, we always get excited to send out more adventurers! Have you been dying to travel to Europe? Spring is the perfect time to explore Holland and Croatia. Croatia’s warm Dalmatian Coast lets you get back in the water and kayak off its scenic shores. After a day on the water an open… Continued

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Grand Canyon Family Vacation Aerial Photo

Stunning. Inspiring. Breathtaking. These are just a few of the words I heard from other first time viewers standing on the South Rim of the “big hole in the ground” in northern Arizona – aka the Grand Canyon. Dan and I just got back from developing a brand new family adventure that will have kids and parents alike experiencing the oo’s and ahh’s, “mom, look at that!” moments, and family… Continued

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Group walking the mountains

The websites owned and operated by Xanterra Leisure Holding, LLC, its affiliates and subsidiaries (“Xanterra” “we” or “us”) (each a “Site” and collectively the “Sites”) use cookies and other tracking technologies to help improve your user experience and the performance of our Sites. By continuing to use the Site from which you accessed this cookie policy, you consent to the terms of this policy. Please read this policy carefully to understand… Continued

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Group walking the mountains

This website is one of several sites owned and operated by Xanterra Leisure Holding, LLC, its subsidiaries, affiliates and related companies (“Xanterra,” “we” or “us”). These Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) set forth the terms and conditions under which you are authorized to use our sites (which includes any website on which these Terms of Use are posted, and other sites accessible via subdomains, and mobile versions of any of… Continued

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Sunset photo taken in the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Add-on: Otavalo Market and The Highlands The Galapagos Islands are truly incredible and something everyone should see, but don’t stamp Ecuador on your passport without seeing the mainland! Ecuador is a geographically varied country. With 20,000 ft. mountain peaks, pristine surf-worthy beaches, and its very own corner of the Amazon, there is plenty to do in this country that is the size of Colorado. In addition to the geographical… Continued

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By Bryan Codi What does an Austin Adventure guide do when the guide season is over? For some, guiding is never over because it has become part of your life and who you are. Our guides are almost constantly in “guide mode” whether it is sharing insider knowledge of wherever they are, doing impromptu WOWs in unlikely locations, or driving safely across unknown terrain. Once this amazing year in Yellowstone… Continued

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While driving I-5 through California, my gaze follows the reader board above the interstate. The usual “buckle up” or “road construction” spelled out in LED lights isn’t there. Instead the reader board states: “SERIOUS DROUGHT HELP SAVE WATER.” I say to myself, “Wow this must be serious.”  And it is. California is in the most serious drought in history. In fact, the governor declared it a catastrophic drought emergency. When… Continued

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Born and raised in Washington’s Pacific Northwest, Sheri tagged along on family hiking outings throughout her youth. She found her love of water and wilderness on the salty shores of the Salish Sea among salmon and cedar. In 1999, she departed the rain-drenched temperate forests of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula for another very wet place on the planet: Kauai Island in the Hawaiian Archipelago where she has resided for the past… Continued

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The national parks in the U.S. and Canada preserve some of the most beautiful and diverse places in the world. On our adventures we take you inside these unique habitats to learn about and enjoy all that they offer. While the towering Montana mountains do make for some world-class views and hiking trails and the canyon cutting Colorado river is one of the planet’s best rafting waterways, there is more… Continued

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Utah is a mecca for adventurers – from world class hiking and biking trails through the red rock, hoodoo-filled valleys to top tier, white water rafting on the canyon-carving Colorado and Green rivers. At Austin Adventures, we like to show off the country’s best, which is why all of our North America adventures tour national parks. We explore four of Utah’s five national parks and each is unique but equally… Continued

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Bryan was born and raised in the tiniest of towns, Virginville, PA (you can look it up).   In 2000 he moved to Colorado to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder and helped found the CU Alpine Club. Subsequently, he honed his passion for guiding while leading underclassmen on rock climbing, mountain biking and rafting trips across the American West.   After graduating in 2004 with a degree in Archaeology he moved… Continued

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10 Fun Facts about National Parks

It is no secret that we, at Austin Adventures, love national parks. After all, each and every one of our domestic trips goes to and through at least one national park. But do you know what else we love? Fun facts. Thus, we bring you ten fun facts about national parks. 1. As you may know, the National Park Service sets aside land for all of us to enjoy in… Continued

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Austin Adventures – Recent Press Highlights October 2017 https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/27/travel/tours-for-women.html– nytimes May 2017 This Week in Travel News: Soon You’ll Be Able to Bike More Easily Around Jordan, Thanks to Charity – Outpost Collaboration of Travel Industry Visionaries Brings Donated Bicycles and Community Development to Jordan – Adventure Travel News Industry Q&A: Dan Austin, Founder, and President of Austin Adventures – Travel Age West January 2017 A Costa Rica Family Tour:… Continued

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Kasey’s favorite outfitters for rafting and kayaking. 1. Costa Rica: Pacuare River Raft – class III and IV “pool and drop” white water, meaning this river is FUN but safe! 2. Wyoming | Yellowstone/Teton: Kayak Jackson Lake – backdrop of Mount Moran seemingly jutting straight out of the lake. Be on the lookout for deer, bears, and otters on the banks! 3. British Columbia | Whistler: Elaho River Raft – offers plenty… Continued

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I grew up in Hopkins, a suburb of Minneapolis, with four sisters and a set of parents driven to show us the United States from our 1987 conversion van. My love for the outdoors grew from that van, and from time spent in the north woods of Minnesota and Wisconsin. I graduated college from the University of Montana in Missoula where access to the mountains and outdoors expanded. My love… Continued

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Luxury Lodges and Mouthwatering Cuisine What’s better than coming home from a day of hiking to a hot stone massage or a soak in a bubbly natural hot spring? How about topping it it off with a sumptuous meal made with fresh, regional fare and a glass of fine local wine? If you ask us, nothing. We’ve found some gems At Austin Adventures, we’re constantly searching for the best accommodations… Continued

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Group walking the mountains

Effective March 27, 2017 This Site is one of several sites (“Sites”) relating to and/or operated by Xanterra Leisure Holding, LLC, its subsidiaries, affiliates and related companies (“Xanterra” or “we”). The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to disclose to you what information we may collect, how we may collect it, with whom we may share it, and certain other matters related to such information, including the choices you have… Continued

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A look into a guide’s life in the off-season

Howdy Folks, The season for adventure is fast approaching and I am excited to stretch my legs on the trail while exploring one of Austin-Lehman’s amazing trip locations with everyone! I know some of you are curious about what the Austin-Lehman guides do during the off season, so here is an example of the craziness that often occurs when we are set free to explore the world. Although most of… Continued

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Give Me 5 Minutes — And I’ll Show You An Unbelievable Arizona Bike Tour

As we roll in the New Year we have new adventures to plan, new goals to be made, and new sites to be explored. This New Year’s why not set a resolution to see some of the most glorious locations on earth atop a bicycle? Arizona is one such location that will leave you speechless as you roll through endless buttes, cliffs, and plateaus. Soak up the warm sunshine during… Continued

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Southwestern U.S. Family Adventure Exploring Arches to Moab

Glorious red sandstone arches, vast views of cloudless skies, and moments to create memories with your family. These are all perks of enjoying a Southwestern US Adventure Vacation with Austin-Lehman Adventures. You will be visiting the states of Colorado and Utah viewing the grand monuments of the Wild West. With fascinating histories and beautiful natural sculptures this family vacation will be like none other. Also with experienced guides, perfected tour… Continued

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Havasupai A Desert Oasis

When I think about the Grand Canyon, many iconic images come to mind: red rocks, dry desert heat and the Colorado River snaking along the canyon floor. However, on my recent trip to the area not only did I find red rocks and dry desert heat but I was lucky enough to experience a little pocket of Eden in Havasu Canyon just off the main Grand Canyon. It was incredible!… Continued

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Preserve A Park Program

Being National Park Week I wanted to share what Austin-Lehman is doing to protect our nation’s most valuable treasures. Every year since 2010, Austin-Lehman Adventures has supported US National Park preservation by selecting a recipient National Park program and donating a portion of its profits, this year we have chosen to help Canyonlands National Park. Last year with the help of our amazing guest we raised $5,400 for the Yosemite Conservancy. In… Continued

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We Did It Again! 50 Tours of a Lifetime

We did it again! National Geographic Traveler has chosen ALA for their 2012 50 Tours of a Lifetime! This time with our ground breaking Cuba Tours, Austin-Lehman is one of only a handful of adventure travel companies to be granted a “people to people” license that allows us offer cultural tours to Cuba. ALA Director Dan Austin recently returned from our first Cuba tour and couldn’t have been happier, Cuba was better… Continued

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Introduce your kids to family adventure vacations that explore geological formations and exciting terrains. Start your vacation by stopping by the Colorado National Monument. This park is just a primer to the next few days of fun and adventure with a mix of educational discoveries. The Arches National Park is home to thousands of geological arches that fill the landscape. Children will be amazed learning about these prehistoric formations that… Continued

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If you are looking for an adventure packed vacation with your family, call Austin Adventures now to learn more about our customized family adventure vacation packages. We understand the diverse interests of different people and plan a lot of activities like sight-seeing, rafting, hiking and much more. Journey through the north and south rim of the Grand Canyon and explore the inner canyon on your day hike to discover an… Continued

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Grand Canyon Vacation of a Lifetime at Havasupai

Carved by the Colorado River and its various tributaries over millions of years, the Grand Canyon is a vast mountain range with great depths and soaring heights. Out of our numerous adventure vacation packages we offer here at Austin Adventures, you must not miss our Grand Canyon vacation if you have the passion for thrilling adventure. Family adventure vacations are a perfect way to spend quality time with your family… Continued

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Grand Canyon Hiking Vacations

Plan your Grand Canyon holiday solo or with a partner and travel with Austin Adventures on our amazing adventure trips. You can choose a cycling or hiking vacation and explore the wonders of the world around you in a unique way. The spectacular natural beauty of Arizona stretches from red rock formations in Sedona to vast Sonoran desert. Adventure lovers experience a real treat journeying through Arizona as it offers… Continued

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Dave Wiggins, Founding Partner Widness & Wiggins PR

Dave has spent his entire professional career in the adventure travel industry. He leveraged over three decades of active travel experience in the 2007 creation of Widness & Wiggins PR with co-founder Sara Widness. Dave helped found and direct the prestigious travel alliance, Trusted Adventures. Prior to that, he served as Marketing Director for Austin-Lehman Adventures and Vice President of Supplier Relations and Marketing Communications for Away.com and GORPtravel.com. However,… Continued

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Inspiring Journeys with Grand Canyon Vacation Packages

                    Exploring the rocky cliffs and awe inspiring waterfalls of the Grand Canyon is simply an unforgettable experience. There may be destinations that look similar in pictures, but Grand Canyon vacation packages let you discover the reality of the awesome grandeur on your own. Pack your bags and get ready for some real thrill and adventure as you go on cycling… Continued

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Havasupai Falls, Grand Canyon, AZ

The Grand Canyon is easily one of the most iconic family vacation destinations in the US. It’s a visual history lesson with millions of years of geological change that lay right before your eyes in a horizontal show of deep red and orange rock. The Grand Canyon is on many people’s bucket lists as it’s unlike any other formation in the world. It makes a great family vacation because it… Continued

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Top 10 Uncovered Gems of Austin-Lehman Adventures

Austin-Lehman Adventures has been showing our guest the best of our country’s National Parks for the last 27 years. We strive to incorporate the “hidden” gems on our National Park Tours. We also provide professional and knowledgable guides to show you the way and explain how we can help to preserve and protect our National Parks for tomorrow’s generation. We decided to share our top 10 “uncovered” gems of our National… Continued

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