Sheri – Austin Adventure’s Alaska & Hawaii Naturalist

It’s no secret that our guests LOVE our guides. And our guides love our guests and their jobs! sheri-saari-280x280

Sheri has been with us for 9 seasons. She KNOWS what being a guide at Austin Adventures means and just how high the standards are! Whether she’s educating the guests, surprising them on their anniversary, or laying out an incredible picnic spread in the middle of the Alaskan bush, she’s always going to impress. And that’s why Sheri is an Austin Adventures All-Star Guide!

Check out Sheri’s blog on how to plan the ultimate road trip to begin your Alaska Adventure here!

See what our guests have to say about Sheri:

“Great guides! Sheri & Greg were amazing. We started calling Sheri “Mary Poppins” as she had an unlimited number of wonderful surprises, and is “practically perfect in every way”. From the magically appearing fruit kabobs in the middle of a glacial lake during our kayak trip to ginger snap cookies to alleviate any seasickness, she delivered with grace and panache.” Jill T., 2016

“Sheri and Greg were excellent hosts who emphasized fun, safety and learning. They taught us a lot and were fun to be with as well.” Kim Y., 2016

img_3231“Wow! Even with the great reputation of Austin Adventures. I never expected such a wonderful experience. Just amazing!! Greg and Sheri made this trip amazing!” Micheal Y., 2016

“Better than expected! (And we expected a great trip!) Guides, Sheri & Greg did a great job with extra treats & stories.” Bob K., 2016

“Outstanding! Sheri & Greg have set the bar so high for any trip we take in the future. Wish they could just be our guides everywhere.” Elizabeth P., 2015

Our guides, Sheri and Greg were awesome, they out did img_3456themselves for sure and the trip was unbelievable even with the wet weather!! Looking forward to another adventure and hope to have them guide us!” Karenlee G., 2016

Excellent. Very solid trip and we could not have don’t it without you. Sheri and Aaron were excellent.” Matt B., 2014

Where do you get such wonderful people like Sheri & Jeremy? They were fun, happy, efficient, organized, informative and over-the-top willing to please!” Judy H., 2014

More about Sheri:

Born and raised in Washington’s Pacific Northwest, Sheri tagged along on family hiking outings throughout her youth. She found her love of water and wilderness on the salty shores of the Salish Sea among salmon and cedar. In 1999, she departed the rain-drenched temperate forests of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula for another very wet place on the planet: Kauai Island in the Hawaiian Archipelago where she has resided for the past 16 years.

Sheri studied at the esteemed Huxley College for the Environment. From her very first field season monitoring seabirds in Puget Sound, she knew her life was destined for the outside. Her career has included leading wilderness expeditions and guided adventure trips in Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Hawaii, Australia and Fiji. A skilled and inspired environmental educator, she taught forest and stream ecology at Olympic Park Institute, and has guided adventure trips and served as an interpretive and environmental education ranger with the US Fish and Wildlife Service at the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge for many years. Sheri’s keen interest in protecting seabirds and marine mammals led her to an obscure hobby collecting marine debris and in 2006, she founded the Kauai Chapter of the environmental non-profit Surfrider Foundation.

Sheri SaariIn 2009, she traveled to the atolls of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands where she conducted research of nesting Hawaiian green sea turtles research at a remote field camp on East Island, French Frigate Shoals. Whenever humanly possible, Sheri seeks out opportunities travel, study and reach the most remote of wild places. An accomplished naturalist, Sheri thrives sharing her passion for nature with learners of all ages, instilling a sense of wonder, a sense of place and a sense of stewardship.

Every Fall, she heads up to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada leading polar bear expeditions. Each summer, Sheri follows the annual migration of the Laysan albatross, Pacific Golden plover and Hawaiian Humpback whale, and returns to guide trips with Austin Adventures in South-central Alaska. Sheri is at home on the Kenai Peninsula, immersed in temperate rainforests, introducing visitors to the natural world, and exploring seabird rookeries of Kenai Fjords National Park.



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