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Meet our guests

After a trip is completed with Austin Adventures there are a few things for sure…  Guests will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but one thing you can count on is they will never forget how you made them feel.

We are in the business of making memories and have been doing it for 35+ years but don’t take our word for it, hear what they have to say.

“Austin is highly recommended by my family! We had a blast on this wonderful vacation. Let’s start off with the guides. We had fantastic guides who provided high quality service and treatment. For example, they were always carrying around snacks ready for hungry kids. They also made the trip fun for the adults by making it factual and fun.

They adjusted our schedule for everybody’s needs. For example, we stopped at a pharmacy to get some medicine. They made the sea-life trip shorter than usual because after a while the kids lost interest. We had an awesome outdoor experience visiting the Alaska Wildlife Center so we could get a close-up view of the animals without being in danger because the kids all loved animals.

The food provided on this trip was absolutely incredible. Each meal provided options for everyone, kids and adults. In terms of on-the-go meals, they were truly phenomenal. In particular, we expected peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but instead we served good high quality meals like ham-and-cheese wraps on sundried tomato wraps, pulled pork, and grilled cheese. Dinners were usually at local high-quality restaurants. Breakfasts were excellent, often served in a private room. And the kids enjoyed the pancake printer in 360 hotel in Seward.

Activities-Our excursions provided tons of exercise, for example our 9-mile hike and 25-mile bike ride. There were also activities that were more chill including a scenic boat ride and luxurious train ride. The activities gave us the chance to see wildlife while on our own two feet, such as during the hikes. The daily events were interesting for all ages, but it is important to note they are highly active so better for people in good shape. The guides provided a great education for all ages.

Now great out there on your trip and have a blast.”
– Reagan Age 8

“The guides were amazing. They weren’t forcing you to do the activities, but they would encourage you. They knew so many facts that they could answer most of your questions. Having two guides was great because there was always someone with you. The guides supported everybody’s needs by adjusting the activities.

The activities were hard and long, but everybody could do them. After the 24 mile bike ride and the 9 mile hike, we all felt very accomplished. We got to see beautiful things while getting exercise. There were so many amazing things, I can’t decide which one I liked the best! I didn’t think I would enjoy the bike ride, but it turns out it was one of the highlights.
The guides made amazing lunches and cooked for us. They brought homemade snacks including salad, dried mango, and pulled pork. One day you got to make your own lunch and there was an amazing buffet that you could select from for your lunch. It was also great that we didn’t always have to eat at restaurant especially during Corona Virus.

The hotels selected were excellent and were a good fit for the group. The Seward hotel was close to the activities and had a pool for the kids to enjoy. The Alyeska was great to close hiking and a tram ride down. You could also pick blueberries and salmon berries. The hotels were very clean and had amazing views!

Make sure to travel with Austin Adventures because it will suit your entire family!”
-Lexi – Age 10

“I want to thank you again for your time, guidance and expertise as my family executed our recent trip to Alaska. It was no small feat to get there, but once we did, it was the trip of a lifetime for our families. While it was certainly different traveling during COVID, we were able to escape and enjoy Alaska. Your team did a great job of assisting us and keeping us informed. Alaska was breathtaking and we had so much fun together. Our guides, Stephen & Gio, were fantastic. They were easy to bond with and made our trip seamless and enjoyable on all levels. They were attentive, kind, knowledgeable and met our every need and request. I cannot say enough good about them as guides and as people. We are all so fond of them!

Thank you for running a business that is professional, flexible, provides top-notch activities and accommodations, and offers the family touch and connection we seek in this busy world. Austin Adventures is a force to be reckoned with in the travel industry! We talk about our trips so much, we have three families in our neighborhood traveling with you this summer — so fun!
– Jill | Alaskan Trip 2020

“This was the best way to experience Alaska to be able to hike and bike through some of the most beautiful places on earth.”
– Robert | Alaska Adventure 2015

“Although it was our first experience with any kind of tour group, it will be hard (if not impossible) to beat our experience with AA. Everything exceeded our expectations, from the friendliness and accommodating guides to all the little extras (fresh fruit kabobs on the kayaks, G&T\’s at the end of a hike, fish tacos straight off the grill after a bike ride-all of it:). We just wanted an active vacation with beautiful scenery, in a place we had never been, and we feel like we hit pay dirt with AA. Everything was perfect and beyond!!”
– Janet | Alaska Adventure 2016


“Professional, luxurious, fun, challenging. A trip of a lifetime, not only because of the beautiful place but because of the amazing guides. Every detail was taken care of, with such a degree of caring.”
Beth | Alaska Family 2016

“Our kids said it was our best family trip ever. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and share amazing experiences. Guides were thoroughly knowledgeable. Pace was good for my family member with different levels of outdoor activity.”
– Lori | Alberta Banff to Jasper 2015

“Austin Adventures did an exceptional job planning OUR trip to Austria. The landscape in Austria is magnificent and I could not stop staring at it and taking it all in. The hotels and food exceeded my expectations! Our guides were exceptional.”
– Wayne | Austria Alps to Salzburg 2017

“I thought it was a really fun and thought-free trip. Meaning…all we had to do was show up and the guides took care of everything. Transportation, meals, activities, lodging…it was all planned out. First vacation with family where we didn’t have the “what are we doing today” conversation.”
– Charles | Montana/Yellowstone Adventure 2016


“This trip far exceeded my expectations. This was a wonderful trip, with beautiful trails and wildlife. I had Exceptional service, and the icing on the cake, knowledgeable and personable guides. Loved all of it!”
– Tammy | Montana/Yellowstone Adventure 2016

“This trip was awesome – it showcases Montana and Yellowstone through a great, natural active itinerary. The fitness activities were perfect for their locations. The trip was active but still really felt like a relaxing vacation. Austin Adventures takes care of everything and while the itinerary kept us physically challenged, we really got to relax mentally. I’d highly recommend this trip for anyone who likes fitness and travel.”
– Jodie | Montana/Yellowstone Family 2014

“The guides (Sarah and Justin) went above and beyond to accommodate all 11 in our group with a 55 year age difference between the oldest and youngest in our family, with challenging activities, scenic stops, very nice accommodations and great food. It was a great family experience and exceeded expectations each day.”
– Kimberly | Wyoming Yellowstone/Teton Adventure 2016

“Amazing!!! Grant and Corey were fabulous guides and our family had the best vacation of our lives. My eight year old son can’t stop talking about it! The best part was being present with my family in nature – no iPADS, or video games – truly a rare opportunity to reconnect.”
-Vanessa | Montana/Yellowstone

“We had a fantastic vacation that exceeded expectations. The Yellowstone Family trip forced us to do activities that we would never have done on our own; all while laughing and having fun. We had exceptional guides that were professional, but also fun and nice company. The trip was a great bonding experience that created very happy memories. We want to book another trip for next year.”
– Claudine | Yellowstone

“I celebrated my 40th birthday week with Austin Adventures, bringing two friends along and it was such a fun and memorable trip! We had awesome guides and our group of 16 was just a perfect mix of hilarious personalities that made the trip even better. I could not have asked for a better first experience with Austin Adventures and Montana :-)”
-Tennille | Montana/Yellowstone

‘The Guides were fantastic! They were very knowledgable, organized and enthusiastic. They added so much to the trip because they knew the places to go that weren’t packed with tourists. They were flexible and nothing rattled them. We were a big group to deal with and they made it seem easy. They had great chemistry which is super helpful when they\’re part of the group every day. They even joined our Game of Thrones costume night and won the prize for best costumes! The accommodations were good and the food was very good. And the Canadian Rockies are spectacular! The Guides genuinely cared about us having fun. They had worked hard to get us reservations at a hotel in Banff on Sat night so we wouldn’t have to switch hotels.”
– Claudia | Alberta

“Professional, luxurious, fun, challenging. A trip of a lifetime, not only because of the beautiful place but because of the amazing guides. Every detail was taken care of, with such a degree of care.”
-Beth | Alaska 

“Our whole family was blown away by the trip. It totally exceeded our expectations.”
– Michael | Yellowstone

“This was the first time I have ever gone on a vacation by myself. I’ve always wanted to see Yellowstone but for years trying to get family or friends to go always fell through. Looking through a magazine I got the idea of an adventure vacation where I could be with a group. I am so glad I found Austin Adventures!!! I work in an industry where the little details are key. It’s so nice to find another company that thinks the same way. Everyone I came in contact with or talked to on the phone couldn’t have been nicer. Every possible detail was thought through and planned out. Every time I turned around there was some other surprise that shows that Austin Adventures likes to take customer service to the next level! Who else is going to make you creme brûlée out on a trail!! Andy and Sylvie were amazing! They were informative, but also a bunch of fun making us laugh throughout the trip. Anything we needed they were prepared. They made a 4 hour diversion to avoid forest fires seem like it was part of the plan and actually one of my favorite days of the trip. What I like best was they treated us like family and that is what sets Austin Adventures apart from everyone else!! I thought it was super sweet that my guides sent a postcard to greet me when I got back home and that Austin Adventures cared enough to send me a card on my birthday!”
– Elizabeth | Yellowstone & Grant Teton 

“Thank you, Austin Adventures! We had heard good things from our friends who had traveled with you, but our experience was beyond anything we imagined! Our kids were over the moon about how much fun they had, and my husband and I were equally impressed. The best part was that we didn’t have to do anything other than to enjoy ourselves! It was such a luxury to have everything taken care of; all we had to do was show up, and the rest was taken care of! Our guides, Corey, Grant, and Emma were beyond amazing, and they were always bending over backward to take care of every detail. And they were always full of surprises, including ice cold coffees & fresh cut fruit in the middle of nowhere on a strenuous hike, just when we needed a treat — where did they stash that? They were so much fun to hang out with too, so that was an extra bonus we did not expect! We bonded with the other families, so it was incredibly difficult to see our Austin Adventure week come to a close! We are so looking forward to our next adventure!”
-Keiko | Yellowstone

“I had never been on an “adventure” trip like this, so wasn’t sure what to expect. I am not an experienced bike rider and opted for the motorized bike. So glad I did..I could not have done it without that benefit. Our guides, Axel and Veronique were so encouraging and never judgmental. Always helpful and friendly. I learned so much from both of them. The food, accommodations, tours everything was a dream come true! It has ruined me for any other trip I will ever take. First class all the way!”
– Vicki | Burgundy

“There was never a moment when we wished we were doing something else. Best Family Vacation Ever!”
– David | Grand Canyon

“Beautifully and thoughtfully planned out the trip with all details considered. Wonderful trip guides. We could not have been more delighted.”
– Marianne | Danish Isles

“We did so much in our 10 day trip to Ecuador – we could never have done so much without the careful planning and thoughtful itinerary together by Austin Adventures.”
– Sarah | Galapagos 

“I really really liked it and I loved seeing a part of the world that I have never been before. With Austin, it’s never just seeing a cool place it’s truly experiencing it and I think that is the best part.”
– Marion | Normandy

“Katie and Emily did a fantastic job leading us, driving and keeping us on time and at all our destinations. They provided fabulous treats on the trail… the juicy pineapple presented with garnish on the hot dusty trail in Bryce Canyon, then the chocolate birthday cake with sliced strawberries and whipped cream on top of Angels Landing were”over the top” trail delights. They were fantastic guides and cheerful and competent. Also the progression of and variety of the hikes (and bikes) were well planned. I loved the trip.”
– Nancy | Bryce & Zion

“Death Valley was a fantastic addition to the Austin Adventures portfolio. It should be on everyone’s bucket list.”
– Scott | Death Valley

“I was surprised and impressed of the quality of this tour. This was my first Austin adventure and I am certainly recommending it to everyone I know… Our guide Marko was well prepared and very professional, he loves his country and showed us much more than its incredible beautiful places.”
– Marcela | Dalmatian Coast

“Excellent. Our guides were great and always on pointe. The whole family is still raving about the trip to Glacier. Will definitely plan another trip soon!”
– Dominic | Glacier

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