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Activity Levels

 Activity Meter  RGB

Level 1 – Light

Involves light activity, few climbs more challenging than a flight of stairs, accessible to all guests in good health. Activities may include short walking tours, visits to sites, game drives on bumpy roads or easy hikes.

Activity Level 2

Level 2 – Light to Moderate

Light walking and hiking, suitable for most fitness levels. Travelers should also be prepared for several hours of physical activity (e.g. hiking, biking, kayaking) each day. Activities are often split into a morning activity and an afternoon activity with time to relax and eat lunch in between.

Activity Level 3

Level 3 – Moderate

Travelers should be physically fit and prepared for multiple hours of activity (e.g. hiking, kayaking, biking) each day, sometimes split into a morning or afternoon activity or at times enjoyed as an all-day activity.

Adventure Travel

Activity Level 4

Level 4 – Moderate to Strenuous

Some high-altitude hikes or more strenuous activities, but accessible to most physically fit, healthy travelers. Certain days may have more challenging physical activity, such as ascents/descents on steep mountain terrain.

Activity Level 5

Level 5 – Strenuous

Designed for experienced active travelers in excellent physical condition, activities may include full-day hikes (sometimes at high altitude) or bike rides. Trails often include steep ascents/descents on mountainous terrain, with some exposed sections.

** Please note that activity levels are subjective and what may be considered challenging for one guest can be considered moderate to another. All guests on scheduled trips enjoy a 6:1 guest to guide ratio which allows for the ultimate in flexibility and the best possible support, allowing us to tailor an exceptional adventure experience to fit your idea of a perfect trip!


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