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NEW 2017 President’s Trips: Sri Lanka & Bali

NEW 2017 President’s Trips: Sri Lanka & Bali



NEW 2017 President’s Trips: Sri Lanka & Bali

Whether you’re looking to explore a totally fresh travel landscape or simply want to take the family on an adventure like no other, Southeast Asia might be your next destination. Book a ticket for two to the lovely land of Sri Lanka and experience history, wildlife and cuisine like you’ve never imagined. Or wait till the kids get out of school next summer and take the whole family to Bali, Indonesia. Why are we so excited to share these two cultural gems? Read on to find out!

For You (or Two!): Sri Lanka President’s Trip

rs2520_dsc_8715inWhite-sand beaches. Lumbering elephants. Curry wafting on the Indian Ocean breeze. What’s not to love about the place where cinnamon was first discovered? Especially when we’ve spiced up this carefully-crafted 13-day itinerary with the beaming presence of Dan and Carol Austin, who can’t wait to join you as part of our premier President’s Trip series.

From March 12th till the 24th, enjoy sharing the timeless scenes of Sri Lanka with two well-traveled, impassioned Montanans who are bursting at the seams to unearth Sri Lanka’s extraordinary treasures with you and yours. Their storytelling skills, child-like awe of new places and good-spirited natures will make you feel at home even on this jam-packed adventure on the other side of the globe.

Spend your days trekking through tea plantations, swimming at the base of cascading waterfalls in lush rainforests, and journeying to sacred sites, like the Bo Tree and the Ritigala Cave Complex. All the while, keep your eyes peeled for crocodiles, peacocks, leopards and innumerable elephants (they say 20,000 elephants live on the island!). Endless opportunities for exploration abound, considering Sri Lanka boasts eight UNESCO world heritage sites.rs3646_magelang-bike-program15in

Throughout this magical journey, your tastebuds will be just as delighted as the other senses as you sample savory samosas and learn how to mix and drink the ancient, gentle liquor, arrack, which is made from the flowers of the coconut tree. Two weeks will feel barely enough time to unwrap the flavors, mystique and wonder of this tear-drop island off the coast of India.

Later, under a starry sky, settle into a luxury safari-style camp in Yala National Park to the sounds of the jungle lulling you to sleep. Take advantage of crowd-less forests and wildlife sanctuaries on early morning and late evening safari tours that get you up-close-and-personal with our kind of nightlife.

All the while, friendly, knowledgeable locals share the grandeur of their crazy cool country, introducing you to their delectable dishes, and even teaching you a thing or two during a game of cricket on this, your next trip-of-a-lifetime.

rs997_ceremonie3inFor the Family: Bali President’s Trip

If you want to introduce the kids to a true land of enchantment, a land of decaying palaces, crystal-clear lagoons, and culinary curiosities, then look no further than our President’s Trip to Bali with Kasey Austin. A seasoned world traveler, Kasey is also the perfect addition to any family vacation, adding excitement, hilarity, insight, patience and the je ne sais quoi of an unforgettable travel companion.

In June 2017, pack your swimsuit, camera, off-spring and positive mental attitude, and prepare for a trip to paradise. Explore the mountains, reefs, tree-forts and quiet back roads of Bali by bike, standup paddleboard, boat and foot as you discover the charm of Indonesia. From underground mosques to luxurious beaches and tempting pools at top-notch accommodations, watch as your kids transform before your eyes under the spell of this captivating country.

Sip on ginger tea, sample world-renowned coffee, and taste new foods, noting the simple recipes of local dishes so you can duplicate them at home (trust us: your kids will be begging for bakso upon return – that is, as soon as they get their pizza fix, of course).rs1008_dsc_0322in

Besides a tan, happy family, take home a collection of colorful photos and an enlightening experience they won’t get in the classroom. Enjoy the bounty of adventure balanced with the best in regional lodging and that extra touch of first-class service. And don’t feel bad when your kids choose to sit with Kasey on the becak zipping through town. Smiles for miles included on this epic family vacation package to Bali!

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