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California’s Wine Country | The 5 Fascinating Facts
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California’s Wine Country | The 5 Fascinating Facts

California Wine Country

5 Fascinating Facts About California’s Wine Country; here I am explaining the super facts!

By Amana Walsmith

We are so excited to start our 2021 trips!  We always know our tried and true destinations will be a blast. But, we get a bit giddy when we have new journeys to take!  One of our newest adventures is the California Win Country and it is the perfect invigorating trip you’ve been dreaming of including biking in warm weather, kayaking cool ocean waters, and hiking the beautiful countryside so unique that it caused almost as much of a rush to buy lands as the gold and silver that was discovered there.  Here are 5 more fascinating facts about California’s Wine Country and landmarks that we’ll visit:

  1. The Golden Gate Bridge was Almost YELLOW AND BLACK!

In the 1800s, when people in Europe who had cultivated the art of making wine heard about the land in California, they rushed over in droves to stake their claim.  Most would enter the country through a San Francisco port.  When the iconic Golden Gate Bridge was approved for construction for the growing population; the first approved colors for the bridge were yellow and black!  This was suggested by the Navy to help with visibility in the famous San Fran fog.  Thankfully, the international color of orange was eventually chosen and has become an iconic point of a modern marvel.

California’s Wine Country - goldan gate bridge

  1. Sonoma Valley is almost MAGICAL for growing grapes

In most wine regions, you can either grow red or white grapes, and even then, those grapes usually only produce certain types of wines.  This is due to the soil and weather.  But in Sonoma Valley, unique magic happens when the sunny weather meets significant temperature drops of mountain living; the ideal wine world is created.  The fog brought in by the ocean breeze creates moisture and nourishment to the soil that can nurture grapes and be crafted into a variety of superb wines.  The valley produces over 50 varieties of grapes! No wonder a wine rush happened here!

Sonoma Valley graps

  1. BANDITS were famous for robbing for silver and wine

Wine and silver were the big commodities of the 1800s.  When the 30-mile Silverado Trail was created for easy trading from the valley, bandits took notice and advantage.  The most famous bandit to attack the Silverado trail was Black Bart or the Gentleman Bandit; who would leave poetry behind after he’d strip carriages of cash and booze.  Today, it’s a beautiful trail for a leisurely bike ride past the gorgeous wineries of the area (bandit free).

  1. Whisper Sister is an 1876 Berringer Vineyards wine legally bottled wine during prohibition (and illegally sold)

1876 Berringer Vineyards is the oldest operating vineyard in Napa Valley so there’s no wonder it has such a history.  During prohibition, the vineyard was able to legally maintain its operations and bottle wine for religious purposes; one of the only wineries to be able to do so.  Of course, it ended up being sold for reasons a little bit more nefarious and thus, the Whisper Sister wine was born.

Whisper Sister

  1. Author and avid adventurer Jack London settled down in Sonoma Valley

The Call of the Wild author had seen the world and often wrote about the necessity of travel and connection to nature throughout his books.  When he saw Sonoma Valley though, he decided to call it home.

“All I wanted was a quiet place in the country to write and loaf in and get out of Nature that something which we all need, only the most of us don’t know it.”  – Jack London

When a man like Jack London sees a place and decides to stay, that certainly speaks volumes about its beauty and majesty.  His home is now known as the Jack London State Park.

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