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Utah National Park | 5 Reasons to Visit the Mighty Five
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Utah National Park | 5 Reasons to Visit the Mighty Five

HIke on Angel's Landing

Utah National Parks – five reasons to visit the Mighty 5!

By Amanda Walsmith – 3 minutes read

  1. Hiking

The Mighty 5 National Parks offer unparalleled hiking trails throughout the gorgeous and sometimes other-worldly landscapes. A Utah National Parks Tour offers guests the chance to explore the best of the Mighty Five. Hiking trails wrap around rock formations, spires, and natural bridges that create such incredible views that you’ll lose track of how many miles have passed beneath your feet.  The rivers may have created natural paths between canyon walls, but it’s the off beaten paths that lead you to incredible discoveries.

hiking in utah national park


  1. History

Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon are where many Native Americans once called home.  The canyon walls and tall rock formations created protection from inclement weather, and the rivers provide life and sustenance in an otherwise harsh and unforgiving landscape.  While making your way through these national parks in Utah; you’ll be transported back in time, glimpsing perfectly preserved petroglyphs on the rock walls around you. These parks offer amazing opportunities for families to explore geological history together on a Utah Family Vacation.



  1. Photo Ops

A few of the most iconic photographs in the Southwest can be taken in the national parks in Utah.  Bryce Canyon offers the almost strange sights of rock spires and towers known as hoodoos.  The formations create beautiful mazes and views from the ridge.  But perhaps the most famous photo ops in the mighty five would be the natural and abundant amount of rock arches found in…you guessed it…Arches National Park.  Around one corner to the next, these red arches formed all over the land to create the picture-perfect natural frame for you, your family, or the sunset. 

Photo at Arches, utah national park


  1. Thrills

Perhaps one of the most well-known hikes is the 5.3-mile trek to Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park.  The length is not the difficult part of the hike, but the height might scare some more timid hikers from making it to the peak.  From the beginning of the hike starting beside the Virgin River to the top of the train at Angel’s Landing; a whopping 1500-foot elevation change will have been made; and the journey will not have been comfortable. 

At some points in the trail, the path is narrow, and 1000-foot cliffs greet you on each side.  The constant switchbacks are sure to remind how far “up” you are going if the view down below isn’t a reminder enough.  Reaching the edging spine of Angel’s Landing; you’ll use a chain cemented into the rock to help guide your steps up to your destination.  The thrill along the way and the personal sense of achievement will only be overshadowed slightly by the views from the top.  They don’t call it Angel’s Landing for a reason.


HIke on Angel's Landing

  1. The Sky

While this might be the simplest reason to visit the Mighty 5 National Parks in Utah, it also might be the most compelling.  The turquoise blue of the sun-lit sky is, without a doubt, a Southwestern color palette classic.  However, it is the night sky that is unmatched in its beauty above the rocky landscape of Utah.  On a clear night, the Milky Way is visible and dotted ferociously with more stars than you can imagine.  A sight that was once a regular occurrence is now inconceivable for most of us, but Utah remains home to the stars.

night sky hike Arches

So, when you are making your plan to go to Utah National park. Check the Austin Adventures’ Contact Us.

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