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5 Reasons to Visit the Galapagos with
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5 Reasons to Visit the Galapagos with


The Galapagos Islands are an incredible getaway which offer many opportunities for adventurers to relax, eat first-class food, and embark on life-changing adventures. Many may feel these fauna-rich islands are impossible to reach when searching for adventure-friendly destinations; at Austin Adventures, we plan to change that. Our team believes that this journey is, in fact, a must-do for any seasoned adventurer. Whether experienced or fresh into the game, Austin Adventures has five reasons why anyone’s adventure arsenal is incomplete without embarking on a journey to the Galapagos Islands with our team.


The Volcanic Landscape

The Galapagos are renowned for their remarkable beauty, and certainly not without reason. The stunning volcanic landscapes which surround guests during their tropical escapade stick with them for the rest of their lives; volcanoes abounding, lush green forests, and rolling plains greet adventurers as they set foot on one of nature’s best-kept secrets. You’ll truly be taken back in time as you traverse the landscape formed thousands of years ago by volcanic rock and ash.


The Picturesque Beaches

The finely milled white sand will sink beneath travelers wandering feet while strolling along one of the Galapagos Islands’ many pristine beaches. This destination, famed most of all for its beautiful oceanside views, offers the deepest possible relaxation. We highly recommend that our guests lay down on the soft sand, bask in the sunlight, and melt into the sounds of the ocean which surround them. This is the region which inspired the research of Charles Darwin, and it is certainly not difficult to see why.


Learning Through Travel

The Galapagos is a multifaceted destination. There are many opportunities for furthering your education while abroad on the islands; specifically, the life and times of Charles Darwin as he inhabited this gorgeous tropical escape are a popular topic. Guests learn about naturalistic theories, the native wildlife, and much more all while surrounding themselves with indescribable beauty. These opportunities make the Galapagos an excellent family trip. Young adventurers will have fun while hardly even realizing they’re learning!


Native Fauna

On the topic of wildlife, the Galapagos Islands are the perfect destination for any budding biologist. The sheer amount of native flora and fauna of these islands is unparalleled throughout the world, and the islands even play host to multitudes of endangered species. From the lumbering giant tortoises which can live to be over 100 years of age to the petite Galapagos Penguins who swim playfully in the coastal waters, adventurers get their fill of animal watching on this adventure. If you’re lucky, you may even be granted the opportunity to swim with sea lion pups!


Small Group Experiences

The Galapagos is a destination best experienced with close friends. Being surrounded by crowds of strangers on the journey of a lifetime stands to detract from the experience. With Austin Adventures, guests receive a personalized and thoughtful experience that showcases the best of the islands. A small, 20 passenger luxury yacht awaits adventurers and will play host to the budding friendships which are sure to come from the signature Austin small ship cruise experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Austin Adventures hosts multiple Galapagos adventures each year, and we’d love to see you and yours on a small ship cruise with our experienced guides and passionate personnel. Join us on our next Galapagos excursion by clicking here!

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