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5 Tips to Help You Eat Healthier on Vacation
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5 Tips to Help You Eat Healthier on Vacation


I don’t know about you, but when I am on vacation I like to have a carte blanch for food!  Food is such an important part of a destination it seems a waist not to indulge while you are there (wherever there might be!).  Here are my five top tips to curve the extra calories while you are globe-trotting!

#1:  Cut the Cabrs… When you are traveling around you will come across some amazing baked goods.  Try limiting the pre-dinner bread and try yogurts instead of pastries for breakfast.  The less bread you eat will mean more veggies and protein you have room for!

#2:  Skip the Soda…  Soda is fast, cold, and usually has enough sugar to get you to the moon and back!  Try replacing your normal soda intake with water (or at the very least no sugar added juice) and in no time you will see a difference in your attitude, energy level, and waist line.

#3: Double up on Desserts…. No, this doesn’t mean eat 2, it means share the dessert with your travel buddy.  A few bites of the luscious cheesecake or decadent chocolate concoction is usually enough to satisfy that end-of-the-meal-sweet-tooth.  If you are traveling solo, try a mini dessert or a fruit and cheese plate.

#4: Eat Local… The best options to explore while traveling can be found in local markets.  Fresh, local, seasonal fruits, veggies, and cheese make great snacks, and help give you a deeper understanding of a place. What is better than fresh mozzarella while you are exploring Tuscany, or the crazy corn you get on a Peruvian Adventure? Don’t get me started on all the wonderful treats to be had on African Sarafis.

#5: Eat Smaller, but More Often…  This is just good everyday advice, but while you are traveling try eating more small meals through the day.  A healthy breakfast, followed by mid-morning snack will help keep your metabolism and energy level up before lunch.  Same in the afternoon, eating a snack between lunch and dinner will help keep your body on track and strengthened for you afternoon adventures.

There they are; my top 5.  They are not hard and fast rules, but keeping them in mind helps me make better, more interesting choices as I travel!  I hope this inspires you to go out and explore the culinary world around you!  Try them out on your next European Vacation or National Park Tour!

You Friendly Travel Expert,

Mindy Vanderhoof

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