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7 of the strangest foods you can find on vacation!
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7 of the strangest foods you can find on vacation!


raw tripe

One of the great things about traveling to a new place is getting to try the local cuisine. When visiting someplace new, one of the most memorable experiences you can have is to try out the local delicacies.  Combining new tastes with travel can be a great way to vividly remember your trip. Here at the ALA office, we have sampled some pretty crazy dishes that many people would never even think of eating!

  1. Smiley- One of the strangest food experiences that Dan had while visiting South Africa was trying a smiley. A smiley is a sheep’s head that is charred on a braai or grill.  The head is grilled until its lips are burned off which leaves the sheep’s head with a big smile!
  2. Plaanos Maduros- While Christy was enjoying Costa Rica she also decided to try out this savory local dish also known as Costa Rican fried bananas.
  3. Rocky Mountain Oysters- Melissa did not have to venture far from home to find a memorable meal. Rocky Mountain Oysters are a Montana delicacy. While eating cow testicles may sound crazy to you, many people in the area go crazy for them! There are even festivals dedicated to this wild local favorite.
  4. Tripe- While in Peru, Mindy decided she would enhance her experience in the country by trying one of the local dishes: Tripe. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to sample tripe and may be wondering constitutes the meal, Tripe is animal intestines.
  5. Horse Meat– In the U.S. horse is somewhat of a taboo food because of the role that they play as pets, but in many countries, this same taboo does not exist. While visiting Holland, Jon discovered that horsemeat is a tasty, slightly sweet meat that is enjoyed by millions in Europe.
  6. Pâté de Foie Gras- This delicacy enjoyed by Carol is a well-known and popular dish in France. Foie Gras is specially fattened goose or duck liver made into a Pâté. (a spreadable paste)
  7. Alpaca Meat- Enjoyed by both the ancient Incans and Kasey, this dish is not one you can find just anywhere. To sample this unusual meat Kasey traveled to Ecuador, one of the countries that Alpacas call home. Alpaca meat is lean and high in protein.

As you can see, the Austin-Lehman office staff likes to indulge in the local cuisine wherever they are traveling.

Would you ever try any of these unusual meals? What’s the most unusual dish that you’ve been brave enough to try? Leave a comment and tell us!

Your friendly travel experts,

Austin-Lehman Adventures

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