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AA’s 20 Most Popular Destinations of 2016

AA’s 20 Most Popular Destinations of 2016



AA’s 20 Most Popular Destinations of 2016

From the turquoise-blue waters of Havasupai to Denmark’s salty sea breezes, travelers hiked, biked, swam, and soaked in the best of our 2016 itinerary offerings. The numbers are in, and we’re excited to share this year’s top-selling trips both domestically and internationally. We’ve also noted which ones you loved taking the whole family on and which ones you simply cherished solo or with your significant other. So without further ado, here’s our list of Austin Adventure’s most popular destinations of 2016:

Top 5 Domestic Destinations for Adult Travel:

5. Utah

Red rock country serves as geology’s most prized backdrop for biking serpentine canyon roads, hiking amongst hoodoos and hanging gardens, and star gazing under the lower 48’s darkest night skies. With five stellar national parks, southern Utah always delivers a bounty of adventure and other-worldly desert romance.

4. Glacier National Park

Snow-capped peaks, alpine lakes, wildflowers, wildlife, rustic mountain lodges…what’s not to love about Montana? Raft the frigid waters of the Flathead River, challenge your quads climbing the switchbacks on Going-to-the-Sun Road, and treat yourself to fresh, gourmet fare and a round of local beers before dreaming of another day of Montana vacation package perfection.

3. Wyoming & Grand Teton National Park

“Postcard-worthy” doesn’t quite capture the grandeur of the Teton Mountains rising above the valley floor. Spend an action-packed week discovering the best of Wyoming’s crown jewel on this unforgettable itinerary flawlessly balanced with the ultimate in cuisine, accommodations and relaxation.

2. Yellowstone

Steaming geysers, stalwart bison and iconic American Western settings set the tone for our most classic Austin Adventure. From sun-kissed summer moments to snow-laden meadows hushed by winter’s shorter days, any one of our Yellowstone National Park itineraries offers a little something for everyone.

1. Havasupai

A true oasis in the ever-parched Southwest, Havasupai’s enchanting splendor stops travelers of all backgrounds in their tracks, leaving them thinking, “How come I’ve never been?!” So don’t let another season slip by without checking out this hidden gem of waterfalls, fern grottos, and fossils at the bottom of the mighty Grand Canyon. There’s more than one reason that this trip is number one year after year!

Top 5 Domestic Destinations for Family Travel:

  1. Grand Canyon National Park

Sweeping vistas and ever-changing light bring many a photographer to eventually put the camera away and just gaze on this storybook landscape. With every step down equaling 100,000 years back in geologic history, a hike into Grand Canyon brings perspective, humility, and awe, making a journey to GCNP a must-do for any avid adventurer. And what kid doesn’t want to see lizard tracks frozen in sandstone?

  1. Canadian Rockies

It’s little surprise that the Canadian Rockies have been props in many a Hollywood western film. Explore glacial-blue lakes, pine-studded ridgelines, botanical delights and surprising wildlife encounters on a Canadian vacation package that the whole family will love.

  1. Alaska

Fjords and beaches, rainforests and rushing rivers – the call of the wild in living color sets our Alaska vacations apart from the rest. Big adventure and simple pleasures ensure you and your family will head home with life-changing experiences that’ll add spice to dinner table talk for a long time yet.

  1. Wyoming

The wild west is calling, and it’s time for you and your buckaroos to get your fill of endless days of discovery. From the seat of a kayak to the saddle of a bicycle, journey between Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks as you uncover Wyoming’s world-famous natural playground.

  1. Yellowstone

Need we say more about our most popular family destination? A trip to the world’s first national park with Austin Adventures is a slam-dunk guaranteed win for your whole family. From quieter winter travel to action-packed summer escapades, our all-inclusive Yellowstone itineraries might be the definition of a perfect vacation.

Top 5 International Destinations for Adult Travel:

  1. Croatia

Sea kayaking, sea breezes, and seafood make this surf-and-turf style trip to Croatia a must-do for any Mediterranean-loving soul. Sun-soaked days and wine-sipping evenings are the answer to your vacation needs, so don’t miss this opportunity to explore the Pearl of the Mediterranean with the best in the biz.

  1. Germany

Fairy-tale castles, cobblestone streets, and frosty beers keep travelers smiling as the miles roll by and storytelling guides fill in the gaps of this fascinating region. It’s no wonder that our Germany itineraries are among Dan and Carol Austin’s favorites time and again.

  1. Holland

Tulips and daffodils and rolling countryside dappled with colorful windmills paint the setting for our Holland bike tours. These all-inclusive itineraries get cyclists up-close-and-personal with the welcoming culture and natural beauty of the Netherlands. The world’s yummiest pancakes included.

  1. Denmark

A road bikers dream-scape awaits on our small-group bike tours to Denmark. Friendly locals, charming seaside villages and freshly-caught fish keep guests giddy for days as we journey across the lovely flatlands of this northern European country. Skål!

  1. Peru: Lodge to Lodge

Misty mountains and long days trekking along the Salkantay Trail capture our idea of well-balanced adventure perfectly. Cap the evening off with a soak in the Jacuzzi and glass of bubbly and you’ll think you’ve stumbled into heaven. With a sunrise over majestic Machu Picchu to boot, this lodge-to-lodge vacation package through Peru’s highlands has earned its number one spot on our adult travel list for a three reasons: Adventure. Luxury. Repeat.

Top 5 International Destinations for Family Travel:

  1. Peru

Unwrap the folklore of the Incan Empire amongst the towering majesty of the Andes with your young ones on this once-in-a-lifetime journey to Machu Picchu. This award-winning family vacation package through Peru’s stunning highlands presents the best of all worlds: challenging, rewarding, bonding, and, sometimes, utterly relaxing.

  1. Galapagos Sea

Climb aboard one of our luxury small ship cruise adventures around the Galapagos Islands and discover one of the planets most whimsical biomes. Snorkel, kayak, and hike as you learn about the flora, fauna, and funny ways of 100-year-old turtles, swimming iguanas and playful sea lions.

  1. Galapagos Land

The animal lovers in your family will lose their minds with glee on this Galapagos vacation package. By day, explore Darwin’s outdoor laboratory and by night, cozy up with a fresh meal and recap with your wide-eyed children about the dance of the blue-footed boobies or how many times you’ve crossed the Equator. This trip captures all that is once-in-a-lifetime!

  1. Belize

Mayan ruins, tropical rainforests, and the most important link of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor invite you and your rambunctious family to discover the beauty of Belize. Zipline over a cloud forest, cave tube, snorkel the warm waters of the Caribbean, and sink your toes in the white-sand beaches of this lovely Latin American treasure.

  1. Costa Rica

Last but not least, Costa Rica is the ultimate family destination for our travelers, thanks to a plethora of adventure equalized by delicious cuisine and fine accommodations. Easy to get to and easier to play in, this darling child of Latin American ecotourism is a no-brainer for your next family vacation trip-of-a-lifetime. Hasta pronto!

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