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Add a Little Romance with Adventure Vacations for Couples to France
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Add a Little Romance with Adventure Vacations for Couples to France



Austin Adventure’s European Vacations are a real treat for couples. If you are planning your honeymoon, anniversary or just planning a surprise vacation for your partner, check out our adventure vacations for couples. They are a perfect blend of romance, fun and exotic destinations. Stroll through the streets of Paris and explore the city with its numerous monuments, museums and marvelous architecture. And while you are at it, visit the high fashion streets shopping for the latest trends. Indulge in some world class French wine and fine dining. Take a bike and discover the beautiful vineyards while stopping in between to sample some of the wines.

After the experience of the fast paced lifestyle and night life of Paris, visit the Loire valley for its majestic castles telling the story of the rich history of the place. Beaune welcomes you to one of the well preserved medieval cities with its many old streets, art and architecture. Munch on the local made gingerbread while you marvel at the mesmerizing beauty of this place. While you are in this area, don’t miss a quick visit to Dijon, the old capital of the Dukes of Burgundy. Relax on the sandy beaches and soak in the water while enjoying French cuisine along the French Riviera.

Plan your European vacation with us today by giving us a call on our 24 hour travel support line at (800) 575-1540.

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