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Adventure Clothing That Doesn’t Break the Bank

Adventure Clothing That Doesn’t Break the Bank


Adventure Clothing: Congratulations! You’ve booked your first adventure trip, and now it’s time to conquer the “suggested packing list.” Don’t worry when you start reading through it and see things like conversion pants, Capilene, and hiking-specific socks. If these things don’t sound familiar to you, don’t worry because they’re foreign to many of our guests. But, before you make a trip to the store to get outfitted, here are some helpful hints.

Check your closet!

You may be surprised to discover that you already own something that will work for your trip. Start by looking at your gym clothes because you probably already have running shorts and t-shirts and tank tops that can be used as moisture-wicking base layers. Just make sure they are made of materials that are quick to dry. If you’re planning on being especially active or getting wet, cotton won’t cut it.

adventure clothing - Reebok shortsIf you need to invest in some essential pieces, you can purchase them at major retailers, including Target, Eddie Bauer, and REI. I always look for the clearance racks, while colors change yearly; basic styles and cuts are usually the same. There are also outlets like Steep and Cheap or Backcountry. In some cases, you might have a second-hand sporting good’s store nearby, and often they have a clothing section in addition to used gear.

It’s also a good idea to keep all of those items you don’t often wear together in your closet. You can store them in your backpack or a container, so when it’s time to pack again, you’re not searching through all of your drawers to find everything.

Invest in Essentials

If you have to make a trip to the local sporting goods shop, three key things to invest in are conversion pants, hiking shoes, and a rain jacket. Each of these items will serve you well for future trips. Trust me; if you buy right, you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

hiking pants
1. conversion Pants

In adventure clothing, the best part about these bottoms is that they can be worn year-round. Also, because they’re incredibly versatile, they’ll save you money and packing space! Layer them with a light long john or leggings for cool mornings, and as the day heats, zip off the legs and voila – you have a pair of capris and shorts. They’re not too hard to find for $60 or less at most sporting goods stores or online, and they come in both men’s and women’s styles. Some brands also have buttons and loops inside the legs, so you don’t even have to unzip. You can roll your pants up, and you’re ready to go!

adventure clothing - hiking shoe
2. Hiking Shoes or Trail Runners

Thanks to game-changing advances in adventure clothing and adventure footwear technology, the days of stiff, all-leather hiking boots are over. Unless you’re doing some very extreme hiking on insane terrain, you’ll be fine wearing hiking shoes or tennis shoes designed for trails. Another nice thing about the latest footwear is that most shoes have little or no break-in time, so you don’t have to worry (as much) about blisters. My favorite shoes come to Oboz – a great line of moderately-priced ($100 – $200) hiking shoes designed and developed here in Montana.

rain jacket3. Rain Jacket

You may be asking yourself, “Do I need one?” The answer is yes. Precipitation is an unavoidable fact of life. Everyone needs a rain jacket at least a few times a year. Plus, they are a generous top layer because not only do they keep you dry, but they can also block the wind and keep you warm. Although a rain jacket can set you back $200 or more; it’s not hard at all to find a stylish, waterproof or water-resistant coat that is $60-$100. Some even fold up into their pockets, so they save you precious packing space!

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