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An Adventure of a Lifetime: 4 Reasons to Bring the Family
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An Adventure of a Lifetime: 4 Reasons to Bring the Family


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“Happiness only real when shared.” – Chris McCandless

Four reasons to take your family on an adventure of a lifetime

In John Krakauer’s book, Into the Wild, a young college graduate named Christopher McCandless sheds all of his material possessions, leaves his home and family, and heads off on a controversial adventure, culminating in a broken-down bus in the backcountry of Alaska. After much seeking and time alone, he has the profound realization that happiness is only real when shared with others.

Shared happiness is one of many reasons why we love adventure travel. Families of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and ages agree that when you step out of your comfort zone together, an unbreakable bond forms. Here are four reasons why we think your next vacation should be one the whole family will enjoy:




4. Natural Beauty Just Looks Better Together.

If you’re someone who spends time in the outdoors, then surely you’ve experienced a time or place where words fall short of the natural beauty surrounding you. From witnessing that spectacular sunrise on a morning hike to watching from the seat of a kayak as whales breach in the distance, there’s nothing that can replace sharing a quiet, majestic moment with someone you love.


3. High Fives and Smiles Guaranteed.

For some, the joy of trying something new, like surfing in Costa Rica or horseback riding in Montana, is perfectly complemented with a high five. For others, the trace of a smile on the face of an otherwise brooding teenager when they first see a Giant Tortoise ambling along the shores of the Galapagos Islands is worth the effort of getting to the far-reaching ends of the earth.




2. Disconnect to Reconnect.

These days, it’s hard to unplug from technology. When cell service is spotty and internet not an option, both young and old generations can grow uneasy. But imagine a week of disconnecting from emails and social media so you can reconnect with your kids under starry night skies in Bryce Canyon National Park or over gelato in Italy. Maybe a double scoop will help ease the pain of separation anxiety from those handheld devices!


1. Do Stuff To Talk About the Stuff You Just Did.

Nothing brings a family closer together than exploring waterfalls at the bottom of Grand Canyon or hiking the Inca Trail to legendary Machu Picchu. At the end of each day, enjoy toasting an ice cold lemonade (with a shot of something, if you’re of age, of course!) or sharing a delectable, hard-earned meal as you recap the day’s happenings, getting excited for more tomorrow’s imminent discoveries. And at the trips finale, keep in mind that you’re taking home the best souvenir: memories to last a lifetime so anytime you see the kids or grandkids, you’ll always have Paris. Or Alaska. Or… you decide!


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