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Alaska- in the rain
North America

Alaska- in the rain

This past week, my family experienced a remarkable journey with new friends from Texas, North Carolina and D.C. It was remarkable due to the knowledgeable and nurturing guidance of Toby and Blair, simply fantastic tour guides who were as pleasant as they were informative. The tour itself was filled with outdoor adventure, from kayaking to hiking to biking, raising our heart rates as well as our appreciation for the true power of nature. The vacation was also remarkable for the fact that despite the amount of rainfall we experienced, everyone looked forward to the next adventure. If we were on our own, it would have been easy to say, ‘not today.’ But with the tour acting as one large family and Toby and Blair as ‘Jiminy Cricket,’ we persevered and found strength in our accomplishments. It was a vacation worth repeating.

Name: Gary
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA

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